UT Renaissance Market Mural

The Academy of Distinguished Teachers has chosen Well-being as the focus for activities in 2021-2022.  In addition to bringing in speakers each week to discuss aspects of well-being for the campus community, a task force has been formed to lead Academy efforts on this subject.

Guiding Task Force Premises

  1. Students’ experiences on our campus should contribute to their developing and practicing habits that contribute to emotional and physical health while at UT and in their lives beyond school.
  2. Mental and physical health and well-being are essential in order to learn effectively.

Task Force Goals

  1. Add Well-being to the University’s Core Values
  2.  Identify aspects of learning experiences on our campus that contribute unnecessarily to stress and diminish well-being, and identify opportunities to refashion learning experiences in ways that promote health and well-being.
Task Force Members:
Robert Duke Chair, Butler School of Music
Chandra Bhat Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
Keffrelyn Brown Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Mechele Dickerson School of Law
Diana DiNitto School of Social Work
Samuel Gosling Department of Psychology
Brad Love School of Advertising and Public Relations
Sonia Paban Department of Physics
Michael Starbird Department of Mathematics
Lawrence Speck School of Architecture
David Springer Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs