Provost Staff Directory

Staff, units, and programs within the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

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Leadership and Teams

Sharon Wood

Executive Vice President and Provost

Mayda Perez

Assistant to the Provost

Chris Smith

Office Manager

Brent Iverson

Senior Vice Provost and Dean

David Platt

Vice Provost

Norma Guerra Gaier

Executive Director

Michael Nava

Executive Director

Carolyn Connerat

Interim Vice Provost

Brian Dixon

Associate Vice Provost

Rudy Magallanes

Assistant to the Vice Provost

Miguel Wasielewski

Executive Director

Mark Simpson

Assistant Vice Provost

Jennifer Love


Mark J. T. Smith

Senior Vice Provost

Art Markman

Vice Provost

Linda Neavel Dickens

Associate Vice Provost

Jeff Freels

Director of Academic Policy and Compliance

Tiffany Willis

Assistant Director

Joey Williams


Kathleen Sakura Harrison

Assistant Director

Brittany Clay

Communications Coordinator

Henry Tijerina III

Digital Project Manager

Edmund T. Gordon

Vice Provost

Lydia Contreras

Managing Director of Diversity

Grayson Hunt

Director of Equity Outreach and Resources

Ulili Emore 

East Mall Project Program Manager

Anna-Lisa Plant

Diversity Program Manager

Faith Miller

Senior Diversity Operations Coordinator

Tasha Beretvas

Senior Vice Provost

Janet Dukerich

Vice Provost

Carmen Shockley

Assistant Vice President

Del Watson


Michelle George

Assistant Director

Ashleigh Moses

Senior Strategic Coordinator

Tinley Hald


Catherine T. Ngo

Assistant Director

Heather Kelly

Academic Personnel Consultant

Riley Moore

Workday Academic Lead

Erin Negron

Administrative Associate

Erin Parr

Academic Personnel Consultant

Robin Jarman

Academic Benefits Specialist

Dorothy Harris

Academic Personnel Consultant

Larry Singell

Senior Vice Provost

Lisa Ellison

Executive Assistant

Jeff Toreki

Associate Vice Provost and Academic Budget Officer

Tommy Cantrell

Director for Business Affairs

Shiva Jaganathan

Executive Director, IRRIS

Ross Johnson

Director of Academic Space Planning

Kim Bates

Academic Space Planning Manager

Eva McQuade

Space Data Assistant

Shade Oyegbola

Academic Space Analyst

Don Aleman

Assistant Director for Business Affairs and Chief Business Officer for Graduate Studies

Hannah Edgar

Financial & Planning Analyst

Ankita Aggarwal

Business Intelligence Developer

Amanda Schaefer

Senior Human Resource Coordinator

Markie Troutman

Financial Analyst

Selina Yanez

Administrative Services Officer I

Graham Chapman

Executive Director, Academic Information Systems

Emma Dowd

Executive Director, Institutional Analytics

Sonia Feigenbaum

Senior Vice Provost & Chief International Officer

Cheryl Lane

Executive Assistant

Teri Albrecht

Assistant Vice Provost for Operations

Jeff Stover

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer