Provost Staff Directory

Staff, units, and programs within the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

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Leadership and Teams

Sharon Wood

Executive Vice President and Provost

Cathy Stacy

Chief of Staff

Mayda Perez

Assistant to the Provost

Dustin Taylor

Senior Administrative Associate

Richard J. Reddick

Senior Vice Provost and Dean of the Undergraduate College

Danielle Alsandor

Deputy Director

Brian Dixon

Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

Juan Dominguez

Vice Provost for Academic and Curricular Innovation

Miguel Wasielewski

Vice Provost for Admissions

Lori Holleran Steiker

Associate Dean for Student Engagement

Michael Valdez

Assistant Dean for Business Affairs

Jeanette Herman

Assistant Vice Provost of the Office of Curriculum Management and Innovation

Jennifer Love

Assistant Vice Provost of Texas One Stop

Brenda Schumann

Assistant Vice Provost for Enrollment Services and University Registrar

Diane Todd Sprague

Assistant Vice Provost of the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Douglas Bruster

Director of the Office of Distinguished and Postgraduate Scholarships

Sarah Ades

Dean of the Graduate School and Senior Vice Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Marvin Hackert

Senior Associate Dean, Fellowships and Graduate Affairs

Michelle Broadway

Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies

James Cox

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Graduate Student Services

Lydia Contreras

Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs

Jake Wyatt

Chief Business Officer

Nick Hundley

Director, Recruitment and External Relations

Shannon Neuse

Director, Office of Graduate Admissions

Art Markman

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Linda Neavel Dickens

Associate Vice Provost for Strategic Academic Initiatives

Molly Hatcher

Assistant Vice Provost and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning

Dana R. Willett

Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director, Extended Education Ventures

Jeff Freels

Director of Academic Policy and Research

Tiffany Willis

Assistant Director and Accreditation Manager

Morgan Ginther

Project Manager

Julie Schell

Assistant Vice Provost and Director of the Office of Academic Technology

Kristy Patteson

Course Instructor Survey Program Coordinator

Madeline Lane

Course Evaluations Assistant

Evan Daniel

Academic Technology Manager

Kathleen Sakura Harrison

Associate Director

Chris Smith

Digital Communications Coordinator

Hannah Conrad

Communications Strategist

Tasha Beretvas

Senior Vice Provost

Janet Dukerich

Vice Provost for Advocacy and Dispute Resolution

Carmen Kimbrough

Principal Advisor for Faculty Affairs

Riley Moore

Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Elizabeth Myrick

Director of Faculty Affairs

Hortensia D Peoples

Faculty Affairs Special Projects

Gen Marconette

Faculty Systems Manager

Sulpicia Jones

Senior Administrative Associate for Faculty Affairs

Yesenia Gonzalez Brown

Senior Administrative Associate

Robin Jarman

Academic Benefits Specialist

Erin Negron

Faculty Affairs Coordinator

Alison Preston

Vice Provost for Faculty Development

Kate Appenzeller

Director for Faculty Development

Claudia Ladzik

Administrative Program Coordinator for Faculty Development

Eric Williamson

Senior Administrative Associate

Tinley Hald


Catherine T. Ngo

Assistant Director

Rachel Guardado

Senior Academic HR Coordinator

Heather Kelly

Senior Academic HR Coordinator

Melissa Manifold

Senior Academic HR Coordinator

Melva Matthew

Senior Academic HR Coordinator

Larry Singell

Senior Vice Provost

Brian Roberts

Vice Provost for Data to Insights

Lisa Ellison

Assistant to the Senior Vice Provost for Resource Management and the Chief of Staff

Jeff Toreki

Associate Vice Provost and Academic Budget Officer

Amy Miller

Associate Vice Provost and Academic Budget Officer

Tommy Cantrell

Director for Business Affairs

Markie Troutman

Senior Financial Analyst

Gloria Gibson

Financial and Planning Analyst

Shiva Jaganathan

Chief Data Officer and Assistant Vice Provost and Director IRRIS

Andrew Beachum

Assistant Director for Finance

Shein Kim

Administrative Manager

Coral Luther

Director of Human Resources

Katie Atherton

Human Resource Representative

Ross Johnson

Assistant Vice Provost, Director of Academic Facilities Planning and Management

Kim Bates

Assistant Director of Academic Space Planning & Management

Eva McQuade

Space Data Coordinator

Theresa Bond Zelazny

Space Data Assistant

Sonia Feigenbaum

Senior Vice Provost & Chief International Officer

Cheryl Lane

Executive Assistant

Teri Albrecht

Assistant Vice Provost for Operations

Heath Roberie

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Simone Wicha

Director, Blanton Museum of Art

Edmund T. Gordon

Executive Director, Contextualization & Commemoration Initiatives

Don E. Carleton

Executive Director, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Stephen Enniss

Director, Harry Ransom Center

Lorraine Haricombe

Vice Provost & Director, UT Libraries

Robert Devens

Director, UT Press