The Academy of Distinguished Teachers

About the Academy

Established in 1995, the Academy was one of the first organizations of its kind in the country, designed to recognize and honor tenured faculty members who have made significant contributions to improving the quality of the student experience. Members of the Academy advise the president and provost on matters related to the university’s instructional mission; participate in seminars, colloquia, and workshops on teaching effectiveness; and serve as mentors to new faculty.


The call for nominations is not open at this time.

Number of Nominations

School of Architecture: 1 College of Liberal Arts: 6
McCombs School of Business: 3 College of Natural Sciences: 6
Moody College of Communication: 2 School of Nursing: 1
College of Education: 2 College of Pharmacy: 1
Cockrell School of Engineering: 3 LBJ School of Public Affairs: 1
College of Fine Arts: 2 School of Social Work: 1
School of Information: 1 Jackson School of Geosciences: 1
School of Law: 1

Nominee Qualifications

While the deans are not constrained to any formal procedures to identify nominees, they should consult with department chairs and faculty and with student council and/or other representative student groups in their college as part of the process. In addition, consultation with current members of the Academy from the relevant school or college is strongly recommended. While membership in the Academy recognizes teaching excellence and contributions to education, the department chair’s letter should also provide the context of this excellence by noting the nominee’s scholarly and service contributions.

Applicants for the Academy of Distinguished Teachers should have a strong commitment to teaching and mentoring with a focus on enhancing equity and inclusion in the field and in practice. Our mission of academic excellence in teaching is only made possible by our continued dedication to inclusive learning environments. In pursuance of this mission, we are especially interested in candidates who have demonstrated efforts to engage and include diverse audiences in higher education through teaching, mentorship, and public service.

Eligible nominees must be in good standing with the university.

Nomination Materials Required

Part One

Title of PDF: ¬†‚ÄúLastname-Awardname-Part 1‚ÄĚ
Bookmark each section of the PDF to reflect the Table of Contents.

  1. Cover page listing the following information:
    1. Nominee’s name
    2. Department name
    3. Contact information
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Teaching Portfolio:
    1. Curriculum vitae (A biographical sketch of selected accomplishments relevant to the award criteria; 2-4 pages)
    2. A statement of teaching philosophy, objectives, and outcomes that demonstrate a commitment to teaching (2-4 pages).
      This should include insights pertaining to:

      1. How the nominee has contributed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in their teaching mentoring, and service
      2. How the nominee engages their academic community (colleagues, organizations, conferences) for ongoing pedagogical improvement.
      3. How feedback from students, peers, and/or faculty development have contributed to the nominee’s ongoing pedagogical improvement described in requirement 3d listed below.
      4. How the nominee anticipates contributing to the advancement of teaching and learning through membership in the ADT.
    3. Syllabus of a recent course
    4. Course materials that demonstrate ongoing pedagogical improvement and innovation (limit 10 pages)
  4. Student Evaluations of Teaching:
    1. Letters of support from students (between 2 and 4)
  5. Teaching Evaluations from Non-Student Sources:
    1. Letter of support from dean of the college
    2. Letter of support from chair of the department
    3. Letter(s) of support from peer faculty (no more than 2)
Part Two: Course Instructor Surveys

Title of PDF: ‚ÄúLastname-Awardname-Part 2-CIS”
Nominees are to submit CIS summary sheets and all CIS written comments from the last two years of teaching, compiled into a single PDF. Please use the summary sheets to separate the comments by course.

Part Three: Course Data

Title of PDF: ‚ÄúLastname-Awardname-Part 3-Course Data‚ÄĚ

  1. Course Data Sheet:¬†Authorized users for¬†Faculty Profile¬†will now be able to download CIS data into an Excel spreadsheet for use in the award packet. The report should include all organized teaching courses taught in the last three¬†years.¬†This process will replace the previous spreadsheet template that was supplied by the Provost‚Äôs Office.¬†For each faculty member, go to the ‚ÄėCourses‚Äô tab in their Faculty Profile. Click on¬†Download Teaching Awards Report¬†link located above the table displaying the course information. This link can be found on the both Organized and Individual Instruction page. Please sort the spreadsheet in reverse chronological order before inserting as a PDF into the award packet.
  2. Course Descriptions: Briefly describe the courses taught by the nominee in the last three years.  Course descriptions may include the course ID, title, mode of delivery, type of students to whom the course was delivered, relationship to curriculum and degree requirements, etc.
Part Four (optional): Supplemental Materials

Title of PDF: ‚ÄúLastname-Awardname-Part 4-Supplemental‚ÄĚ
Nominees may submit supplemental materials as desired.

Incomplete, late, or incorrectly formatted nominations may not be considered.

Submission Instructions

  • All final nomination packages shall be submitted electronically¬†to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost via UT Box¬†from the respective dean’s office. The Provost will invite the award coordinator to UT Box for submission.
  • If there is more than one nominee in any category the dean should provide a¬†ranking of the nominees. The dean’s ranking may be uploaded to UT Box with the awards packets or emailed¬†to¬†¬†including names of nominees and their associated department and category.
  • All required nomination documents must be received at the provost‚Äôs office by the respective deadline or the nomination may not be considered.

Award Amount

Following appointment to the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, each faculty member will receive, effective the next academic year, a permanent academic salary increase of $7,500.

Current Members

List including department and year inducted.

Members of the Academy

MAI 201, Mailcode G1000

Mailing Address

Executive Vice President and Provost
Faculty Affairs
110 Inner Campus Drive, G1000
Austin, Texas 78701