Academic Space Management

Space is one of our most important campus resources.  The Office of Academic Space Planning & Management (ASPM) works with our campus partners to ensure that space is assigned appropriately, utilized efficiently, and reported accurately.  Data collected from university departments and units are crucial for facilities planning, indirect cost analysis, and to meet federal and state reporting requirements.   All departments and units of the university are responsible for providing this accurate data for the spaces they own and/or occupy to ASPM. Through our web application, Space Updates, ASPM provides a simple and effective process for Building Managers and Departmental Space Contacts to maintain up-to-date information about their facilities.

Space Management

The following links are resources to aid in space management efforts.

Request Forms

Space Data Management

Updating Space Data

The Space Updates Application is the system for Building Managers and Departmental Space Contacts to maintain data for the buildings and rooms they manage, including space use, function and occupant codes.

Building Managers and Departmental Space Contacts must be listed in the OHS Contact System as a space coordinator or space reviewer to access the Space Updates System.  The authorized Electronic Office Management staff member for each unit has access to make these updates.

To update square footage, room numbers of floor plans, please contact Technology Resources at

Guides on Ensuring Accurate Space Data

The following links are guides to aid in recording accurate space information.

Space Updates

To gain access to the Space Updates System, click here here

Updates to space floor plans, square footages, room numbers, inventory: Location Information Services