Requests for Funding for Limited Furniture Replacement for GPCs (GPC Reset Program)

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost manages an annual program to provide funding to ensure acceptable conditions for the university’s General Purpose Classrooms (GPCs) in the area of basic furnishings. Items covered in this program include seating, tables, desks and writing surfaces.  Upon approval, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost will provide 100% of the funding for the replacement of these items and PMCS will manage the purchasing and coordinate the placement of approved items.

The program opens for submissions in mid-July and submissions are due by August 15th.  CSU’s will be notified if the request has been approved or denied by September 15. The target installation period is during Spring Break.  Note:  Items selected from the menu tend to ship more quickly.


STEP 1: CSU’s audit their GPCs once a year to ensure that the rooms are properly equipped with the correct quantity of functioning seats, tables and/or desks, and writing surfaces.  The seating count should match the Registrar’s official count for the room.

  • CSU’s will inventory broken or missing items
  • CSU will take photographs and collect information on existing pieces for the purpose of locating matching furnishings

STEP 2: CSU completes the GPC Reset Program Request form with the required information.

  • Fill out and submit the furniture request form.
  • The request will be reviewed with the following considerations:
  • A limited number of chairs/tables/desk/writing surfaces will be considered; Major renovation requests must be submitted to PMCS, in coordination with ASPM, and must be funded through the CSU unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Matching furnishings will be provided where possible; If not available an alternative will be determined by PMCS working with the CSU.
  • Fixed furniture replacements will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may have to be addressed in an alternative manner.
  • PMCS will coordinate with CSU teams to assist in determining a proposed furniture solution

STEP 3: Project review.

  • ASPM will review projects and assess requests based on adherence to program guidelines, condition, need, and level of classroom utilization.
  • ASPM shares project description with PMCS for Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimate.
  • Based on estimates, projects are prioritized and those that fit within the financial allotment for the semester are approved.

STEP 4: Project approval and procurement.  Academic Space Planning and Management (ASPM) will notify CSU’s of project approval by September 15.

If the project is initially approved, PMCS will work with the CSU to determine the best fit and move forward with purchasing items. Upon arrival of the items, PMCS will coordinate delivery and installation with the vendor and CSU.

  • If the project is not approved, depending on the reason, CSUs may have the opportunity to resubmit for a future round of GPC Reset Program funding.

*Note – Furniture to be ordered from preferred vendors.  If original items ordered from different vendors, closest match to be selected; For larger remodels or furniture orders, please see the Learning Environments Renovation Program (LERP).