Provost’s Early Career Fellows

The Provost’s Early Career Fellows program aims to support postdoctoral fellows and graduate students in their pursuit of attaining academic positions at top tier institutions. Fellows are promising early career scholars from all disciplines and backgrounds who would benefit from our programmatic offerings.

Program Description

The purpose of this training program allows early career researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and graduating PhD students to develop and pursue research and teaching topics upon which a future academic career can be built. The program enables fellows to build a network of emerging scholars and benefit from the mentorship of top faculty in their field.

Provost’s Early Career Fellows will join an energetic community of other fellows training in different departments across the university. Fellows participate in support activities that equip them with research, scholarship, creative activities and professional skills necessary to successfully undertake independent academic research and teaching at UT Austin or other top research-intensive institutions. This initiative also provides guidance to facilitate their transition to an independent, tenure-track faculty position. In addition, the program enables fellows to form a network of emerging scholars and benefit from the mentorship of top faculty in their field. Through our programmatic offerings, we are investing in the career development and professional growth of future faculty.

Program Participation

The Provost’s Early Career Fellow’s program is open to current postdocs and 4th or 5th year Ph.D. students who are already at the University of Texas at Austin and who may be first generation academics and/or scholars who would benefit from interaction in a community of practice.

Consideration for the 2023-2024 cohort is closed.

Advisory Committee for Early Career Fellows
Catherine Cubbin Steve Hicks School of Social Work
Marvin Hackert Graduate Studies
Sharon L. Wood Executive Vice President and Provost
Martin Kevorkian Department of English
Miyong Kim School of Nursing
Brad Love Moody College of Communications
Raul Madrid Department of Government
Deborah Parra-Medina College of Liberal Arts
Shelley Payne College of Natural Sciences
Stephen Russell College of Natural Sciences
Mark Smith Graduate School
Elizabeth Vandewater Office of the Vice President for Research

Additional Information

For questions about the program and process, please contact:

Dr. Del Watson
Director of Faculty Engagement

Meet the 2023 Fellows
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We are pleased to present the 2023 Provost’s Early Career Fellows Cohort from a variety of disciplines and colleges across the university. Please join us in welcoming this talented group of individuals, already engaged in exciting, scholarly work in their areas of expertise. Click on the name of each fellow for more information.

Jian Gao

Department of History

Oviya Govindan

Department of Anthropology

Richard Grijalva

Department of Mexican American &Latina/o Studies

Cameron Hecht

Population Research Center andDepartment of Psychology

Samantha Luaby

Department of Psychology

Sergio G. Barrera

Department of Mexican American &Latina/o Studies

Khristián Méndez Aguirre

Theater and Dance

David Alfonso Castilla-Casadiego

Department of Chemical Engineering

Roman Mykhailyshyn

Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering

Swayamdipta Bhaduri

Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering

Lois Okereke

Computational Engineering and Sciences

Aadil Waseem

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Alejandra Garcia Isaza

Educational Psychology

Sherron Howard

Kinesiology and Health Education

Maaz Amjad

School of Social Work

Ana Chatham

School of Social Work

Laura Dosanjh

School of Social Work

Quanbing Mou

Department of Chemistry

Yunling Deng

Department of Chemistry

Yuan Ma

Department of Chemistry

Mercy Sosanya

Nutritional Sciences

Nihal Salem


Valerie De Anda

Integrative Biology and Marine Sciences

Guillaume Dury

Integrative Biology

Lauren Biddle


Lavender Hackman

Nutritional Sciences

Ran Lin

Department of Molecular Biosciences

Yuting Wu

Department of Chemistry

Zhenglin Yang

Department of Chemistry

Denisse Paredes

Center for Learning and Memory

Souvik Bhattacharyya

Molecular Biosciences

Nayeli Reyes-Nava

Molecular Biosciences

Muhammad Waqas Ishaq

Department of Chemistry

Raj Sankaranarayanan

Strategic Academic Initiatives

Michael Poyker

LBJ School of Public Affairs

Ana Oaxaca

LBJ School of Public Affairs

John Robert Bautista

School of Information

Megan Mueller

Jackson School of Geosciences