Hiring Faculty with Tenure

On this page you will find information about hiring a faculty member with tenure and the steps that must be completed. You will also find a provisional offer letter template available for download.

Tenured Candidate Pre-Review
Steps for Prior Approval Request (PAR) Review in Provost’s Office
Tenure Dossier for New Hires
Finalized PAR Packet

Tenured Candidate Pre-Review

  • The provost’s office will review the curriculum vitae for potential tenured faculty hires once a finalist has been identified.
  • The tenure review committee will provide feedback on areas needing additional information and/or clarification in the forthcoming Prior Approval Request (PAR) documentation.
  • To request a tenure candidate pre-review, the dean or associate dean should email Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Tasha Beretvas and Assistant Vice President for Faculty Affairs Carmen Shockley. Please include the following:
    • Current CV for the candidate.
    • Brief description of the recruitment/identification/finalist process and rationale for selecting this finalist above others. Please explain the active steps taken to recruit a diverse pool of the most talented and accomplished candidates in the field.
    • EEO report from Interfolio (if recruitment was managed in Interfolio) and/or similar demographic reports in cases where third-party application management systems are employed.
    • Tenure and tenure-track faculty demographic report for hiring department (or college/school if non-departmentalized)
    • Brief summary of the candidate’s research area and why it is important to the department/college.
    • If applicable, request for fast-track approval in the rare case where the candidate’s record is unusually outstanding (e.g. Nobel Prize/Pulitzer Prize, prestigious national academy member).
  • Negotiations may continue while the pre-review process is taking place.
  • Questions identified in the pre-review must be clearly addressed in the Prior Approval Request (PAR).

Steps for Prior Approval Request (PAR) Review in Provost’s Office

  • Initial review by Assistant Vice President for Faculty Affairs Carmen Shockley.
  • Request for additional information from hiring unit if applicable.
  • Review and approval by:
    • Vice President for Research Dan Jaffe
    • Dean of the Graduate School Mark J.T. Smith

Tenure Dossier for New Hires

Exceptions to these guidelines may be made on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Carmen Shockley if something is preventing the dossier from moving forward to discuss work-around options.

Certain required information for FPT approval in DEFINE is not needed in the tenure dossier for new hires. For this reason, the DEFINE document may be in any status (i.e. created, in process, rerouted) while the tenure review is taking place.

Only one packet is needed for joint hires. The tenure statements from the dean and department chair of the joint college/department, and copy of the joint PAR coversheet with signatures, should be included with the primary department’s packet.

The following documents are required in this order for a tenure review:

  1. A copy of each electronic PAR with signatures.
  1. Dean’s tenure assessment/statement. Deans will write or sign off on an evaluative tenure statement that includes the information below. It should not duplicate information found in the chair’s statement.
    • Assessment of the candidate’s teaching and research/scholarly/creative activity, including discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate’s record.
    • Report on the vote of the college-level review. Explanation of negative votes or abstentions.
    • Describe how this hire fits in with the overall hiring strategy for the college.
    • Explain how the hire would advance the quality of the college/school/department.
    • Address whether this is a lateral move or promotion. If a promotion, address number of years in current rank.
    • Reflect on the external review letters that are received and included in the packet. Identify and explain letters that are not arms-length or not at the full professor rank. It is not necessary to extensively quote the review letters.
    • Endowment holder recommendation may be included within this statement.
  1. Department chair’s tenure assessment/statement
    • Assessment of the candidate’s teaching and research/scholarly activity including discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate’s record.
    • Report on the vote of the department-level review. Explanation of negative votes or abstentions.
    • Thorough explanation of recruitment process strategy (for both open searches and targeted searches) including description of process for identifying the selected candidate. Explanation of why this is the best candidate to hire. Describe efforts to ensure a diverse candidate pool.
    • Discussion of the candidate’s research/scholarship/creative activity within the context of the field and department.
    • Discussion of future trajectory of candidate’s research/scholarship/creative activity.
  1. Up-to-date curriculum vitae. Candidate may need to submit a new CV if the one on file was submitted months beforehand. In particular, funding (if applicable) and projects in process should be up-to-date.
  1. Research and teaching statement if received during the recruitment process.
  1. Teaching assessment. (This information may be included in the chair statement or as a separate statement.)
    • List of courses the candidate is likely to teach over the next three years and how these courses enhance the programmatic priorities of the department and college.
    • Evidence of the candidate’s teaching effectiveness.
    • Describe assessment process and give additional information if the candidate has not previously taught, such as describing the proactive strategy the department will use to ensure success.
  1. Sample solicitation letter.
  1. A minimum of three arms-length assessment letters. Letters from reviewers who are not sufficiently arms-length will not count toward the minimum requirement. The guiding principles for selecting reviewers for promotion and tenure purposes are applicable to the hiring process. Joint hires should contain more than three letters (five or six is recommended) since more than one department is being represented in the hire.
  1. Tenure and tenure-track faculty demographic report for hiring department (or college/school if non-departmentalized).
  1. One of these, whichever is applicable:

Finalized PAR Packet

Finalized PAR Packet

The following documents must be submitted in a finalized PAR packet if not previously submitted for the tenure review:

  1. PAR cover sheet (FPT DEFINE document must be routed to the provost’s office)
  2. Dean statement
  3. Chair statement
  4. CV
  5. Candidate research and teaching statements if received during the recruitment process
  6. Teaching assessment (may be included in the chair statement rather than a separate document)
  7. Sample solicitation letter
  8. A minimum of three external letters
  9. Primary Language Determination form, Attachment A; if English is not the Primary Language, include Attachments C & D as well.
  10. Documentation of approved funding commitments from the provost’s office (if applicable)
  11. One of these, whichever is applicable:
  1. Provisional/contingent offer letter or term sheet (if applicable)
  2. Draft offer letter


Provisional Offer Letter

Departments may issue a provisional offer before tenure is approved. Here you can download a provisional offer letter template.

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Faculty demographic report

View instructions on how to access the faculty demographic report for hiring department.

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Documentation Checklist

View a checklist of what documentation is required for tenure review and what is required in the final PAR packet.

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Run an EEO Report in Interfolio

Read information and instructions for running an EEO or custom form report in Interfolio.

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