The Office

Role and Functions of the Provost’s Office

The Provost’s Office coordinates the academic mission of the university, managing all aspects of the academic experience for students, as well as policies and procedures related to the faculty and administration of the departments, colleges, and schools and other academic units.

Led by Executive Vice President and Provost, ad interim Judith H. Langlois, the Provost’s Office is organized into four portfolios. In addition, the office oversees the management of many other units, including the International Office, The University of Texas Libraries, Blanton Museum, Harry Ransom Center, UT Press, and other centers and collections.


Prof at board

Faculty Affairs led by Senior Vice Provost Janet Dukerich

Recruitment and retention; promotion and tenure; diversity and equity, faculty development; appointments, academic searches and faculty advancement


Enrollment and Curriculum Services led by Senior Vice Provost David Laude

Undergraduate admissions and financial aid; Office of the Registrar; undergraduate student success; Center for Teaching and Learning; continuing education and the Extended Campus.


The Graduate School led by Interim Dean Marvin L. Hackert

Graduate student admissions and degree evaluations; graduate student fellowships; oversight of graduate degree programs, external reviews, and academic policies; graduate studies committee approval; and graduate student professional development.

Gates Dell Hall

Resource Planning and Management led by Senior Vice Provost Dan Slesnick

Academic budgeting; space allocations for academic purposes; renovations and capital projects; accreditation, assessment and compliance and official reporting through the Office of Institutional Reporting, Research and Informational Systems (IRRIS)