Academic Experience

Deans & Department Chairs

The deans and department chairs work closely with the Provost's Office on a wide range of issues, from administration of faculty matters and student academic affairs, to resource allocations including budgeting and space.

Cockrell School of Engineering

Sharon L. Wood, Dean

Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Clinton Dawson, Chair

Biomedical Engineering

Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert, Chair

John J. McKetta Jr. Dept. of Chemical Engineering

Thomas Truskett, Chair

Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering

Robert Gilbert, Chair

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Diana Marculescu, Chair

Mechanical Engineering

Richard Neptune, Interim Chair

Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory

William Charlton, Director

Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

Jon Olson, Chair

College of Education

Charles Martinez, Dean

Curriculum and Instruction

Cynthia Salinas, Chair

Educational Leadership and Policy

Victor Saenz, Chair

Educational Psychology

Christopher McCarthy, Interim Chair

Kinesiology and Health Education

John Bartholomew, Chair

Physical Education Program

Michael T. Sanders, Director

Special Education

Mark F. O’Reilly, Chair

College of Fine Arts

Doug Dempster, Dean

Art and Art History

Susan Rather, Chair

Arts and Entertainment Technologies

Michael Baker, Interim Chair


Kate Canales, Chair

Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music

Mary Ellen Poole, Director

School of Design and Creative Technologies

Doreen Lorenzo, Assistant Dean

Theatre and Dance

Robert Ramirez, Chair

College of Liberal Arts

Ann Huff Stevens, Dean

John L. Warfield Center for African and African American Studies

Minkah Makalani, Director

African and African Diaspora Studies

Cherise Smith, Chair

Air Force Science

Col Paul A. Tombarge, Chair

American Studies

Randolph Lewis, Chair


Anthony F. Di Fiore, Chair

Center for Asian American Studies

Eric Tang, Director

Asian Studies

Donald Davis, Chair

Edward A. Clark Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies

Rhonda Evans Case, Interim Director


Lesley Dean-Jones, Chair

Program in Comparative Literature

Elizabeth Richmond-Garza, Director

Américo Paredes Center for Cultural Studies

John Hartigan, Director


Jason Abrevaya, Chair


Martin Kevorkian, Chair

Center for European Studies

Douglas G. Biow, Director

French and Italian

Paolo Bonifazio, Chair

Geography and the Environment

William Doolittle, Chair

Germanic Studies

Marc Pierce, Chair


Daniel Brinks, Chair


Daina Berry, Chair

Humanities Institute

Pauline Strong, Director

Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies

Tatjana Lichtenstein, Director

Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

Javier Auyero, Interim Director


Richard P. Meier, Chair

Center for Mexican American Studies

John M. Gonzalez, Director

Mexican American and Latina/o Studies

Karma Chavez, Chair

Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Karen Grumberg, Director

Middle Eastern Studies

Na’Ama Pat-el, Chair

Military Science (Army)

Anthony Pete, Chair

Naval Science

Capt David Koss, Chair


E. David Sosa, Chair

Plan II Honors Program

Alexandra Wettlaufer, Director


David Schnyer, Chair

Religious Studies

Ahmed Moin, Chair

Rhetoric and Writing

D D Davis, Chair

Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies

Mary Neuburger, Director

Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Mary Neuburger, Chair


Pamela Paxton, Chair

South Asia Institute

Sharmila Rudrappa, Director

Spanish and Portuguese

Jorge Perez, Chair

UTeach-Liberal Arts

Carlos E. Bowles, Director

Center for Women’s and Gender Studies

Christen Smith, Director

Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas

Thomas L. Pangle, Co-Director

Lorraine S. Pangle, Co-Director

College of Natural Sciences

Paul Goldbart, Dean


‚ÄčVolker Bromm, Chair

Biology Instruction Office

‚ÄčJanice Fischer, Director


Jennifer Brodbelt, Chair

Computer Science

‚ÄčDonald Fussell, Chair

Human Development and Family Sciences

‚ÄčStephen Russell, Chair

School of Human Ecology

‚ÄčStephen Russell, Director

Integrative Biology

‚ÄčClaus Wilke, Chair

Marine Science

‚ÄčDean Appling, Chair

Materials Science and Engineering Program

‚ÄčArumugam Manthiram, Director


‚ÄčThomas Chen, Chair

Molecular Biosciences

‚ÄčDaniel Leahy, Chair


Robert Messing, Chair

Neuroscience Graduate Program

Nace Golding, Director

Nutritional Sciences

‚ÄčMolly S. Bray, Chair


‚ÄčJack L. Ritchie, Chair

Statistics and Data Science

Catherine Calder, Chair

Division of Textiles and Apparel

‚ÄčTBD, Chair

UTeach-Natural Sciences

‚ÄčMichael P. Marder, Director

College of Pharmacy

Samuel Poloyac, Dean

Dell Medical School

S. Claiborne Johnston, Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean

Diagnostic Medicine

Robert Nick Bryan, Chair

Medical Education

Susan Cox, Chair


‚ÄčMichael Pignone,¬†Chair


David Paydarfar, Chair


John Kuo, Chair


S. Gail Eckhardt, Chair


Jane Edmond, Chair


Zena Harris, Chair

Population Health

Michael Pignone, Chair


Charles Nemeroff, Chair

Surgery and Perioperative Care

‚ÄčKevin Bozic, Chair

Women’s Health

‚ÄčGeorge Macones, Chair

Graduate School

Mark J.T. Smith, Dean and Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Jackson School of Geosciences

Claudia Mora, Dean

Energy and Earth Resources Graduate Program

Richard J. Chuchla‚Äč,¬†Director

Geological Sciences

Daniel Stockli , Chair

Geological Sciences

Charles Kerans, Chair

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

David Springer, Dean

McCombs School of Business

Lillian Mills, Interim Dean


‚ÄčMichael Clement, Chair

Business, Government, and Society

‚ÄčRobert A. Prentice, Chair


‚ÄčSheridan Titman, Chair

Information, Risk and Operations Management

‚ÄčEfstathios Tompaidis, Chair


‚ÄčEthan Burris, Chair


‚ÄčAndrew Gershoff, Chair

Moody College of Communication

Jay M. Bernhardt, Dean

School of Advertising and Public Relations

‚ÄčJoAnna M. Sciarrino, Director

Communication Sciences and Disorders

‚ÄčRajinder Koul,¬†Chair

Communication Studies

Craig Scott, Chair

School of Journalism

‚ÄčKathleen McElroy, Director


‚ÄčNoah Isenberg, Chair

School of Architecture

Michelle Addington, Dean

School of Information

Eric Meyer, Dean

School of Law

Ward Farnsworth, Dean

School of Nursing

Alexa Stuifbergen, Dean

Steve Hicks School of Social Work

Luis H. Zayas, Dean

School of Undergraduate Studies

Brent L. Iverson, Dean