Faculty Development Award for Professional-Track Faculty

We are excited to launch a new Faculty Development Award (FDA) program for mid-career and senior professional-track faculty. The FDA program was designed to recognize excellence and to provide up to $10,000 to support the professional development opportunities and activities of each awardee.

More details can be found about FDA-related policies and processes in the University’s FDA Guidelines.

Important Dates

  • Friday, September 2, 2022 – Application Opens
  • Monday, October 3, 2022 – Application Site Closes
  • Friday, December 16, 2022 – Decision Notifications

To be eligible for an FDA, the professional-track faculty member must

  • Hold the rank of associate professor (or senior lecturer) or full professor (or distinguished senior lecturer) in the relevant professional-track title series. The FDA can only start at earliest during the first summer after appointment in the eligible rank.
    • Each College and School will specify which professional-track title series (adjunct, instruction, practice, clinical, research, lecturer) are eligible for their FDA.
  • Have served as a benefits-eligible professional-track faculty member at UT Austin in at least one of the fall and spring terms during at least 6 different academic years
    • Before the first FDA, and
    • In between FDAs
  • Have served as a benefits-eligible professional-track faculty member at UT Austin in at least one of the fall and spring terms during each of two consecutive academic years immediately preceding the year of application for the FDA.
  • Have met or exceeded expectations in their annual review during at least three of the most recent academic years in benefits-eligible service at UT Austin preceding the application for the FDA.

Note that each CSU might have additional eligibility criteria and might have certain criteria they use to prioritize FDA recipients. However, any CSU-specific requirements, prioritizations and/or criteria that are discrepant with the core FDA criteria and requirements and/or with applicable state and federal laws will be considered void.

See UT and CSU-specific FDA Guidelines for further details and examples.

Each College / School (CSU) has identified the options for allowable uses of the $10,000 FDA. These options are required to include the possibility of using some (or all) of the money for summer salary for the faculty member given the percent effort of the faculty member for the summer of the FDA does not exceed a total of 100% across the three summer months. Some CSUs offer EVPP-approved additional alternatives to the summer salary option. If that is the case, the total for the allowable expenses is still capped at $10,000. See CSU-specific FDA Guidelines.

Application Timing

The application process for FDAs will open at the start of the fall semester of the academic year for FDAs starting as early as the summer (at the end) of that academic year. For example, the application process will open in early fall 2022 for FDAs that might start as early as summer 2023.

Application Materials

The application materials will be gathered using a centrally hosted system and require inclusion of the following materials:

  • Short CV (not longer than 4 pages), and an
  • FDA Proposal that includes
    • Abstract (100 words maximum) that briefly summarizes the purpose of the proposed FDA. The Abstract should not use unnecessary or undefined acronyms and should include the following information:
      • The faculty development activities to be supported by the FDA
      • Benefits and anticipated impact of the FDA on the:
        • Faculty member’s professional development and on the
        • Faculty member’s department, CSU and/or the university.
      • Faculty Development Proposal (not longer than 2,000 words) that describes and justifies the proposed FDA and associated activities, the location where the faculty will do the work during the FDA, details about how the FDA activities will contribute to the candidate’s professional development and impact on the faculty member’s program, department, and UT Austin;
      • Itemized Budget that must include allowable items and costs with a total that sums to not more than $10,000. For summer salary, the rate and duration should be specified (see CSU-specific FDA Guidelines for options);
      • Bibliography (optional, not longer than two pages); and
      • Additional CSU-Specific Materials (if relevant).

College/Schools’ FDA Review Processes

Each College/School has defined formation of the membership of their FDA review committees. The CSU’s review committee makes recommendations to the relevant CSU’s dean and the provost to whom the president has delegated the authority for the purpose of FDA approval. See CSU-specific Guidelines for details about their review committee’s process and procedures.

Unbiased Review

Any FDA application reviews and recommendations must not be positively or negatively influenced by a candidate’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy), age, disability, citizenship, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. The Provost’s Office should be consulted if any reviewer expresses a favorable or unfavorable recommendation that could have the appearance of being influenced by any of these immutable characteristics (e.g., a reviewer states a need for more FDLs to be offered to professors of a particular race, gender, etc.).  

FDA Award Report

Within six months of completion of FDA-related activities, the faculty member must submit a report documenting FDA activities and products (where relevant) and the impact of the FDA on the faculty member’s professional development. A failure to submit the report by the deadline will make the faculty member ineligible to receive another FDA.