UT Child Development Center Faculty Recruitment Program

About the Program

The University of Texas at Austin Child Development Center provides renowned child care services to university students, faculty, and staff. Fourteen spaces are committed each fall to new faculty recruits for whom child care is a critical factor in their choosing to come to UT Austin. The spaces are distributed among five children’s age groups, and commitments must be made no later than May 1 for spaces being requested for the coming academic year.

Department chairs, through their respective deans, may submit requests for childcare spaces using the Recruitment Application Form to EVPP Faculty Affairs, Coordinating Administrator for this program in the provost’s office.

Program Information and Guidelines

The focus of the University of Texas Child Development Center (UTCDC) program is to assist in faculty recruitment for cases in which child care is an issue. The number of available spaces will be a set number of slots (child care spaces) identified below.

  • The current child care programs located on Lavaca St., San Jacinto St., and Comal St. will be available for this service.
  • Department chairs, through their respective deans, may request slots through the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, with the provost having final approval. If there are more requests than available slots, the provost will determine who receives them.
  • Decisions about awarding spaces for the following fall will be made no later than May 1st of the preceding spring. If a department chair and dean wish to have a space held past May 1st, and the recruit declines the offer or has not made a decision by the start of the fall semester, the appropriate office (the office making the request) will take financial responsibility for tuition for that space (at Level C tuition cost) until another child is enrolled. (The financial responsibility in this case would be a period not to exceed six (6) months). If a candidate is to begin employment the following spring, the office will assume financial responsibility for that space (at Level C tuition cost) through the fall semester unless other arrangements can be made for that child space.
  • The child care centers will set aside a total of fourteen (14) spaces for recruiting purposes each fall. Any space not used for this program by May 2nd will be offered to families on the waiting list.
  • The following are the minimum spaces that will be reserved in each age group. If more spaces are needed in one age group, the UTCDC coordinator should be contacted by the Coordinating Administrator in the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost about availability.
    • 3 infant spaces
    • 3 toddler spaces
    • 2 two year old spaces
    • 2 three year old spaces
    • 2 four year old spaces
    • 2 floating spaces dependent upon availability
  • Before a child care space is included in a recruitment package, the coordinating administrator in the provost’s office will contact the UTCDC coordinator to confirm that space(s) in the appropriate age group is available. The coordinating administrator will work with a representative of a college/department before a faculty recruitment and package/offer is approved by the provost.
  • The provost will have final approval over faculty recruitment packages/offers as to whether child care spaces be made available on a case by case basis, understanding that no child care space(s) be included in a recruitment package or offer until final approval by the provost.

UT Child Development Center

The UT Austin Child Development Center provides child care services for children six weeks to five years of age.