Faculty Travel Grants

Faculty Travel Grants (FTG) 2023-2024

Eligible faculty may receive as much as $1,400 per academic year for travel expenses to present original papers at scholarly and professional meetings.

This includes reimbursement for allowable travel-related expenses for the conference—lodging, meals, transportation, and registration, all of which are non-taxable reimbursements. It may also be a taxable reimbursement to cover unusual extra child-care expenses incurred because of the travel. Funds may be used for foreign or domestic travel.

An approved (not just submitted) Faculty Travel Grant Application must be on file prior to the trip to receive funding. Applications are due no less than two weeks prior to the start of travel for processing and approval.

The purpose of the Faculty Travel Grant (FTG) program is to provide funding to help enable faculty to present at conferences and professional meetings. Eligible faculty may receive a total of up to $1,400 per academic year for expenses incurred.

For conference presentations occurring between September 1, 2023 and August 31, 2024, please apply for a Faculty Travel Grant here.

There are several eligibility criteria as listed below that must be satisfied.

Conference Presentation Eligibility
A faculty member is only eligible to use FTG funding to support their presenting at a conference or professional meeting whether the presentation is in-person or online.

Funding Access Eligibility
The FTG program is intended to support early and mid-career faculty who do not have access to the following types of funding that could support their presenting at a conference:

  • Remaining start-up funding,
  • Substantial discretionary research funding (e.g., endowments, indirect cost return funds, gift funds), and/or
  • Significant grant funding.

Faculty Title and Rank Eligibility
Given the faculty meet the Funding Access Eligibility criteria, the following titles and ranks of faculty are eligible to receive an FTG:

• Tenured / tenure-track faculty, or
• Benefits-eligible Professional-Track Faculty who at the time of application meet the following requirements:

1. Hold any of the following ranks

• Assistant professor (or lecturer),
• Associate professor (or senior lecturer), or
• Full professor (or distinguished senior lecturer)

2. Appointed in the following title series

• Lecturer series
• Professor of Instruction series
• Professor of Practice series
• Clinical Professor series
• Research Professor series
• Adjunct Professor series

3. Have completed at least five academic years of benefits-eligible service at UT Austin, and
4. Are currently benefits-eligible.

The following personnel are NOT eligible to receive an FTG:

  • Faculty with a primary appointment in the Dell Medical School or the Law School
  • Professional-track faculty who are not appointed in any of the six-title series listed above including, for example, visiting faculty and Harrington Fellows
  • Postdocs
  • Classified personnel and other non-teaching staff
  • Faculty who are currently on personal leave without pay
  • Faculty who are retired (including emeritus faculty)

Conference Presentation and Professional Meeting Expenses

The FTG funding, totaling not more than $1,400 per individual faculty member per academic year, can be used to reimburse faculty for conference presentation expenses (including conference registration, transportation, lodging, meals, and extra childcare as detailed below) for not more than two conferences per academic year (fall, spring and summer terms).

Note that some Colleges and Schools might have additional restrictions in terms of the number of conferences (one or two) for which a faculty member can receive an FTG per academic year. Colleges and Schools are permitted to set a minimum reimbursement amount. For example, an FTG request for an amount less than $100 might not be eligible for reimbursement.

Funds may be used to support presentation at online conferences, and for foreign or domestic travel to present at in-person conferences.

The following expenses are allowed:

  • Conference / Meeting Registration Fee
    • Membership fees are NOT allowable.
  • Airfare – economy airfare to/from the conference.
    • Airline tickets are NOT allowed to be directly billed to the Faculty Travel Grant account. If the faculty member’s flight is canceled, the airline will issue the faculty member a credit instead of the university.
  • Ground Transportation – Taxi/Uber/Lyft to and from the airport, hotel, or conference site.
  • Lodging with Meals (“per diem”) – reimbursed at the single occupancy rate.
    • Within Texas, total limit of $260/day.
    • Outside Texas (continental United States), total limit of $375/day.
  • Meals only – $51/day.
  • International Travel Outside the U.S. – total limit of $425/day.
  • Extra Childcare Expenses – See section below.

Faculty may be reimbursed for travel expenses during the conference plus up to one day before the conference starts and one day after it ends (for allowable travel to/from an in-person conference). Travel expenses submitted for reimbursement must follow current University policy and guidelines. Please contact your CSU/departmental contact with specific questions.

Note that reimbursement for allowable travel-related expenses for the conference (lodging, meals, transportation, and registration) are non-taxable reimbursements. Reimbursement for extra child-care expenses incurred because of the travel are taxable.

Extra Childcare Expenses
Faculty may claim certain childcare expenses incurred due to travel, (still subject to the total $1,400 yearly limit for expenses per eligible faculty member). The faculty member must sign a document affirming the added expenses are due to travel and are above and beyond normal childcare expenses incurred by the faculty member. These expenses will be paid as a taxable reimbursement.

The following provides some allowable extra childcare examples:

  • Having to pay a sitter for overnight care of your child (if not a regular expense) so that the faculty member can present at the conference.
  • Paying for a childcare service provided by the conference.

Please note that FTG funding cannot be used for direct billing or reimbursement of airfare/meals/lodging for the child or caregiver.

To claim reimbursement, please complete the Confirmation of Extraordinary Childcare Expense form.


Attending a conference or meeting (and not presenting) does not qualify the faculty member to receive FTG funding. The FTG program also does not support presenting a seminar, taking part in a lecture series, attending a workshop, or giving a colloquium at another university or similar venue that is not a conference or professional meeting. And FTG funding cannot be used for typical childcare expenses normally incurred by the faculty member.

Faculty must submit their application to receive an FTG at least 2 weeks prior to the start of their travel to the conference or prior to their participation in an online conference to allow time for application processing and approval. Applications must be approved (not just submitted) prior to travel (or prior to the start of the faculty’s participation in the online conference). Retroactive applications will be denied.

Faculty should contact their CSU/departmental contact for CSU-specific expectations.

Travel Management Services offers additional information about the professional travel planning process.

If you are traveling outside the United States, additional approvals may be required. Check the Texas Global Restricted Regions List, continually updated to reflect travel conditions to foreign countries, including special requirements for entering certain countries. Refer to the university’s International Travel Process.

2023-2024 Travel Grant Application

The application for travel in the 2023-2024 academic school year is now available.

Apply Here