The University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers

Note: The UT System Academy is distinct from and not associated with the Academy of Distinguished Teachers at UT Austin

About the UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers

In 2012, the University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers was established to recognize outstanding educators across the UT System academic institutions. Members of the Academy serve as the system-level advisor and advocacy group dedicated to fostering classroom innovation, promoting interdisciplinary educational perspectives, and catalyzing the sharing of best practices across campuses in the UT System. Nominees must have received a Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award (ROTA) and have tenure or equivalent rank for non-tenure-track faculty (senior lecturer and above).

Visit the UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers Website for:

  • Purpose, mission, and goals of the Academy
  • Selection procedure and criteria
  • Membership and bylaws

UT Austin Selection Process and Deadlines

Nominations from the colleges must be received by the Provost’s Office.

  • Each college or school may submit a total of two (2) faculty nominations, including (1) one tenure track faculty and (1) one non-tenure track faculty.
  • All final nomination packages shall be submitted electronically to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost from the respective dean’s office.
  • All required nomination documents must be received at the provost’s office by the respective deadline or the nomination may not be considered.
  • Eligible nominees must be in good standing with the university.

Application Materials

Please visit the UT System website for information on nomination material requirements. All nomination packets should be submitted electronically through your college or school contact to the Provost’s Office. Any questions regarding this award may be submitted to


Nominations are currently open and due by Friday, November 10, 2023.

Submit Nominations Here

MAI 201, Mailcode G1000

Mailing Address

Executive Vice President and Provost
Faculty Affairs
110 Inner Campus Drive, G1000
Austin, Texas 78701