First-Generation Commitment Working Group Charge

Expectations and action items:

  • The committee’s immediate work will focus on supporting enrollment of first-generation students, encouraging them to enroll, and easing their transition to UT Austin.
  • The committee will coordinate and provide support in partnership with campus colleagues to develop a first-generation reception for faculty and students in the spring and the committee will serve as event champions and hosts.
  • The expectation is that the committee will work to provide support—both in relationship and information—to both students and families. First-generation decision influencers—the family—will be an important and valued partner in efforts to support student success.

The committee will also address the following questions:

  • What current campus transition efforts are utilized to inform, establish relationships, and support first-generation students and families from admission through graduation?
    Proposed outcome and deliverable: The committee will document the information, relationship, and support provided from admission through graduation.
  • What are the barriers to persistence and graduation for first-generation UT Austin students?
    Proposed outcome and deliverable: The committee will develop a plan to address and remove these barriers.
  • What are first-generation student perceptions of barriers to college to career success?
    Proposed outcome and deliverable: Identify and share those barriers with the College to Career Governing Committee to coordinate efforts to eliminate barriers.
  • What research efforts including pilot studies can be conducted to examine the feasibility of what can be brought to scale for all students?
    Proposed outcome and deliverable: The committee will identify efforts to be piloted to determine what can be brought to scale for all students. Pilots are encouraged around ULN students, first-generation Pell Grant students, and colleges, schools and units with high populations of first-generation students.