Request Exception to Serve Alcoholic Beverages at an Event on Campus

Guidelines to request an exception

The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on property and in buildings owned or controlled by The University of Texas System or UT Austin unless an exception has been requested from and approved by the appropriate delegate(s) PRIOR to the event. To be approved, the event must be sponsored by the university. An event is sponsored if a budgeted office, department, or division, of the university is responsible for organizing the event, inviting attendees, and paying expenses related to the event, except when an outside entity pays for the food and beverages at the event. Meetings or events organized and presented by registered faculty, staff, or student organizations are not events sponsored by the university. See UT System Regents' Rules and Regulations, Rule 80102.

Regent's Rule 80102 does not apply to events located at non-UT Austin facilities (refer instead to HBP 9.1.1.F) or to facilities licensed under state law for the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. Such UT Austin licensed facilities include: 

Cactus Cafe Blanton Museum Cafe Bass Concert Hall
McCullough theatre UT Club Texas Union
Frank Erwin Center AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium
UFCU Disch-Falk Field Tailgating Areas: PTS Regulated RV Lots and Tailgate Guys Locations O's Campus Cafe (ACES/POB Room 2.222)
Etter-Harbin Alumni Center (Ex-Student's Association) Commons Learning Center Café (Pickle Research Campus, Building 137 S) Wildflower Café

TABC Requirements and UT Austin Recommendations

TABC requires that a licensed TABC caterer or bartender be used when there is an exchange of funds at an event or for an event.  This includes tickets being charged for the event or providing a tip jar to the bartender. The vice president for legal affairs recommends that a TABC licensed caterer or bartender be used for all events as this will absolve the university of liability if someone is overserved or if a minor is served.  If alcohol is served by a non-licensed individual, both the individual that served the alcohol and the university could be liable if someone is overserved or if a minor is served. University employees should not be used as servers at an event unless it is in their official job description (even if they are TABC certified).   

Exceptions will be approved under the following conditions:

  • The event is sponsored by a budgeted unit
  • If there is an exchange of funds (see FAQ number 6) at the event, the alcohol must be served by a caterer or bartender holding a valid TABC license
  • All pertinent laws, regent rules and university policies* regarding alcoholic beverages are observed, and
  • The area where the alcohol is being served will be monitored to ensure that only invited guests participate in the event

The delegate(s) have authority limited only to the approval of exception requests to use alcohol on property and in buildings owned by UT Austin. All pertinent laws, regent rules and university policies regarding the use of alcoholic beverages must be observed and strictly enforced.

** Previously submitted blanket event authorizations approved without an end date are no longer valid.  A new request will need to be submitted using the online form.**

Submit an Exception Request

UT Austin Faculty and Staff

To request an exception, please submit the following linked web form (UT EID required).

For more information, please refer to the following alcohol related laws and policies: