Delegate Authority for Approval of Exception Requests to Serve Alcohol on Campus

Delegated Authority

The president has delegated the authority to approve exception requests to serve alcohol in university-owned or controlled buildings/property to the following:

  • The executive vice president and provost for any event on campus
  • Each respective dean/vice president¬†for events sponsored by their reporting units.

College / School / VP Delegates

Alcohol exception requests for any unit not listed will be reviewed by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.

CSU Delegate(s) Contact email address
Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost Catherine Stacy
Cockrell School of Engineering Jerry Speitel, Wes Queen
College of Education C.J. Keudell, Barbara Morris
College of Fine Arts Cathy Kothlow, Cecilia Arias-Boze
College of Liberal Arts Amy McMillan, Andrew Beachum
College of Natural Sciences Ricardo Medina
College of Pharmacy Debra Madden
Dell Medical School Charlotte Harris, Susie Scheffler
Division of Diversity and Community Engagement Jennifer Maedgen, Helen Wormington
Graduate School Audon Aleman
Intercollegiate Athletics Rebecca Haden
Jackson School of Geosciences Julie Bowers, Monica Reed
LBJ School of Public Affairs Amy Miller,¬†Rosanna D’Souza
McCombs School of Business Susie Brown, Tommy Cantrell
Moody College of Communication Julianne Hearne, Jay Whitman
School of Architecture Maria Carlsen, Jeff Evelyn
School of Information Dona Kurtz
School of Law Jeff Toreki
School of Nursing Margaret Hill, Bart Hopkins
School of Social Work Lizet Villagrana
School of Undergraduate Studies Melinda Heidenreich
Vice President for Student Affairs Carol Longoria, Jim Adkins

Alcohol exception requests temporarily suspended

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, approval of alcohol exception requests is suspended until August 1, 2021. Contact with questions.

Exception Request Guidelines & Policies

Additional information regarding exemption requests to serve alcoholic beverages at a university-sponsored event.

More information
President's memo on delegation

Official memorandum detailing the delegation of authority to approve exception requests to serve alcohol on campus.

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