College to Career Governing Committee

The College to Career (CtC) Governing Committee was an advisory body to the senior vice provost for enrollment management. It completed its work and was retired on Aug. 31, 2019. 

The committee provided guidance on the implementation of recommendations from the College to Career Task Force to ensure the university provides the necessary support and resources to help students achieve the skills, experiences, and co-curricular knowledge needed to prepare for life after graduation.

The Governing Committee included representatives from across campus, including faculty, career services directors, the Graduate School, pre-professional career development offices, assistant deans’ council, enrollment management, and the provost’s office. Committee members were appointed by the senior vice provost for enrollment management, in consultation with the executive vice president and provost.


Responsibilities of the Governing Committee include:

  • Review and assess recommendations from the CtC Task Force Final Report and provide guidance for implementation of recommendations.
  • Serve as the search committee for the new executive director for career development.
  • Provide advice and guidance to the executive director and senior vice provost, on an ongoing basis, regarding the status of implementation to ensure that high-quality career development services are available to all relevant stakeholders, including undergraduate and graduate students of all schools, employers and other community partners, alumni, parents, and university leadership, staff and faculty.
  • Provide guidance on other areas related to the CtC initiative.

The CtC Governing Committee provided feedback to the provost, through the senior vice provost for enrollment management. Committee members served through August 31, 2019.

Committee Members

Name Title Affiliation
Charles Carson Faculty Butler School of Music
Michael Clement Faculty McCombs School of Business
Carolyn Connerat Interim Vice Provost for Enrollment Management Executive Vice President and Provost
John Dalton Assistant Dean Graduate School
Leslie Hall Director of Strategic Initiatives Enrollment Management
Rachelle Hernandez  Senior Advisor for Strategic Enrollment Executive Vice President and Provost
Richard Hogeda Assistant Dean Student Affairs College of Education
Jennifer Jordan Career Services Director Jackson School of Geosciences
Kathleen McElroy Faculty Moody College of Communication
Michael Powell Director Engineering Career Assistance Center
Lesley Riley Director, Health Professions Office College Natural Sciences
Rita Thornton Director of Assessment Division of Student Affairs
Robert Vega Director, Liberal Arts Career Center College of Liberal Arts
David Wolcott Deputy for Special Projects Executive Vice President and Provost

College to Career Task Force


The task force was assembled in 2017 to assess and confirm that UT Austin is providing students with the support and resources needed to prepare them for life after graduation.

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Task Force Final Report

Read the final report of the College to Career Task Force.

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