College to Career Task Force

Completed Initiative 2017

An essential goal of completing an undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin should be a student’s preparedness for life after graduation, whether that be employment, graduate or professional school, or other individual pursuits.


The mission of the College to Career Task Force is to assess and confirm that UT Austin is providing students with the support and resources to achieve the needed skills, experiences, and co-curricular knowledge to achieve the goal of making sure students are prepared for life after graduation.

The College to Career Task Force first met on February 22, 2017 and submitted its final report to the provost on July 28, 2017.

Final Report

The task force has completed its full scope of work, and has submitted its final report.

Download Report (UT EID required)

Task Force Committees

Executive Committee

Name Title Affiliation
Maurie McInnis Provost Executive Vice President and Provost
Jay Bernhardt Dean Moody College of Communication
Kim Gundersen Associate Executive Director Texas Exes
Charles Holley Alumni Retired, Walmart
David Laude Senior Vice Provost Executive Vice President and Provost
Soncia Reagins-Lilly Vice President Office of Vice President Student Affairs
David Wolcott Chief of Staff (alternate for Provost) Executive Vice President and Provost
Carolyn Connerat (Support) Associate Vice Provost Executive Vice President and Provost
Tara O’Neill (Support) Director Executive Vice President and Provost

Discovery Subcommittee

Name Title Affiliation
K. J. Harris (Chair) Director of Student Success College of Liberal Arts
Reginald Baptiste Director, Pre-Health Professions Dell Medical School
Richard Cherwitz Director, Intellectual Entrepreneurship Div. of Diversity and Community Engagement
David Dessauer Director, Leadership Ethics Institute Office of Vice President Student Affairs
Lynda Gonzales Director of Initiatives College of Natural Sciences
Molly Gully Director, Vick Center School of Undergraduate Studies
Jeanette Herman Assistant Dean School of Undergraduate Studies
Morgan Medina BA101 – Assistant Director, Lecturer McCombs School of Business
Art Markman Director & Professor HDO; Depts. of Psychology and Marketing Admin.
Austin Reynolds Vice President Senate of College Councils
Heather Thompson Director, Study Abroad International Office
Toni Wegner Chief Operating Officer Project 2021

Transition Subcommittee

Name Title Affiliation
Mark Bernstein (Chair) Chair, TRIS Advisory Board Moody College of Communication
Andrew Clark Academic & Policy Administrator Office of Vice President Student Affairs
Jim Franklin Director, MPA Program (faculty) McCombs School of Business
Kerry Kinney Faculty representative – Engineering Cockrell School of Engineering
Jennifer Luna-Jackson Director, Career Services School of Social Work
Michael Powell Director, Career Services Cockrell School of Engineering
Lesley Riley Director of Health Professions Office College of Natural Sciences
Maria Rivera Assistant Dean for Admissions School of Law
Robert Vega Director, Career Services College of Liberal Arts

Post-Graduation Subcommittee

Name Title Affiliation
Courtney Roehling (Chair) Vice President of Engagement Texas Exes – Alumni Engagement
Christine Burdell Director, McCombs Alumni Services McCombs School of Business
Nate Carty Former Chapter Advisory Board Alumnus
Lori Lewis-Conerly Chair Texas Exes Networks Advisory Board
Carol Longoria Deputy to VPSA Office of Vice President Student Affairs
Stephen Walls Deputy Director Texas Extended Campus
Winston Williams Founder PS Focus, LLC

Data Subcommittee

Name Title Affiliation
Rita Thornton (Chair) Director of Assessment Office of Vice President Student Affairs
Rebecca Bryant Special Research Associate, IRRIS Executive Vice President and Provost
Jody Couch Program Director Student Admin. Sys. Executive Vice President and Provost
Linda Dickens Senior Director of Institutional Accreditation and Effectiveness Executive Vice President and Provost
Sharon Evans Director of Education Services College of Education
Susanna Hill Director Texas Recruitment Interview Serv. College of Liberal Arts
Phil Long Chief Innovation Officer Project 2021
Mike Marder Professor, Executive Director College of Natural Sciences
Monique Payne Pikus Research Fellow, Assessment College of Liberal Arts