The University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers

Note: The UT System Academy is distinct from and not associated with the Academy of Distinguished Teachers at UT Austin

About the UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers

In 2012, the University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers was established to recognize outstanding educators across the UT System academic institutions. Members of the Academy serve as the system-level advisor and advocacy group dedicated to fostering classroom innovation, promoting interdisciplinary educational perspectives, and catalyzing the sharing of best practices across campuses in the UT System. Nominees must have received a Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award (ROTA) and have tenure or equivalent rank for non-tenure-track faculty (senior lecturer and above).

Visit the UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers Website for:

  • Purpose, mission, and goals of the Academy
  • Selection procedure and criteria
  • Membership and bylaws

UT Austin Selection Process and Deadlines

Eligible faculty members who are interested in the UT System ADT should contact their dean's office to determine the prelimary deadline and submit their application. Nominations from the colleges must be received by the Provost’s Office no later than TBD, November 2018.

Number of Nominations

The College of Liberal Arts and the College of Natural Sciences may each submit up to two nominations. All other colleges and schools may submit one nomination.

Application Materials

The nomination packets should be submitted electronically to in the Provost’s Office and shall include:

  1. A cover page listing the nominee’s name and title, department, university, and contact information
  2. A one-page statement from the nominee describing why he or she desires to be an Academy member
  3. An updated CV
  4. The original Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award packet in a single PDF.  The nominee has the option to minimally modify their ROTA file through updates to tables, award lists and publications, etc., but is not to replace or add more letters of reference, essays or sections.