Admissions Welcome Center Relocation

The Campus Visit Experience

The campus visit is one of the most impactful experiences for prospective students and their families. A meaningful visit experience helps prospective students and their families imagine their lives on the Forty Acres and sets the stage for their long-term success. Close to 70,000 people visit campus every year, consisting largely of prospective students and their family and friends.

New Location

In February 2019, construction begins on a new Admissions Welcome Center located on the first level of the Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL). The Admissions Welcome Center will serve as the front door to the university for prospective students and their families on campus. The center will showcase the impact of a UT Austin educational experience and offer students a window into campus life and long-standing Longhorn traditions.

Admissions Welcome Center Features

  • Construction will include renovation of approximately 9,000 square feet of interior space as well as new exterior access from Speedway.
  • Interior space will include a large reception area, auditorium, offices, and spaces for prospective students and families to meet with admissions counselors.
  • The interior is designed to be welcoming and to support a smooth check-in process for students and their families. The displays and finishings will be inviting and foster a sense of belonging and community.
  • The new center will replace the existing Visitor Center currently located in Walter Webb Hall.


Renderings from McKinney York Architects.


Why was the PCL chosen as the new location for the Welcome Center?
The UT Libraries anchor the UT Austin student experience, and they represent a broad range of academic resources, groundbreaking research, and opportunities for experiential learning available to students. Positioning the Admissions Welcome Center within the PCL provides the opportunity to prominently feature the UT Libraries as the hub of the academic experience in prospective students’ first engagement with the campus. In addition, the central location and access from Speedway makes it possible for visiting students to experience the campus culture and life as a student.

When will the new Welcome Center be completed?
Construction is scheduled to be complete by fall of 2019.

What impact will the placement of the Admissions Welcome Center in the PCL have on resources?
This relocation primarily impacts open study space used by students, but also involved the transfer of some low-circulation collections to remote preservation facilities and relocation of other materials within PCL. All physical materials transferred to preservation facilities are still accessible through the Libraries retrieval service, usually within one business day.

What Libraries’ resources are being relocated? 
The items moved to preservation facilities were identified as needing a climate-controlled environment to protect the physical copies from further deterioration, which the PCL facilities cannot provide. The Libraries have transferred the United Nations government documents collection to the Collections Deposit Library where they are still available for browsing. In order to provide better preservation and security for theses and dissertations, the library had previously planned the transfer of those materials to its preservation storage facility. Theses and dissertations submitted electronically or that have been digitized are available through the university’s institutional repository, Texas ScholarWorks. All physical materials transferred to preservation facilities are still accessible through the Libraries retrieval service, usually within one business day.

How will the university minimize disruption to library operations at PCL?
The Admissions Welcome Center will be on the ground floor, the level below the main entry level of the PCL. The construction will create some noise in the library, however, construction will be mindful during high-traffic periods.

Why were the bicycle racks removed from the PCL plaza and what will be done with them in the future?
The bicycle racks were removed to allow space for the Admissions Welcome Center construction activities. Approximately half of the racks located near the PCL entry have been permanently relocated off of 21st Street near Jester, close to the mail drop-off. The other racks have been temporarily relocated east of Speedway Mall, along the south side of 21st Street. The final location of those racks has not yet been determined. More information, including maps, is available from Parking and Transportation Services on the PCL Bike Rack Relocation webpage.