Provost’s Authors Fellowship Announces New Cohort

Fourteen faculty members have been selected for the third cohort of the Provost’s Authors Fellowship, a program that provides support for tenured associate professors engaged in the development and publication of scholarly books. This fellowship begins in summer, 2022 and will last 15 months.

“There is a deep pool of talent, creativity and ambition among our faculty at UT. This program is intended to help boost access to writing groups and time available for research, scholarship and creative endeavors for our tenured associate professors who are at a critical juncture in their careers. Our hope is that this program creates a strong sense of community and support for the cohort and enables the faculty to continue to build upon their careers through their published works,” said Tasha Beretvas, senior vice provost of faculty affairs.

The list of the third cohort of Provost’s Authors fellows is as follows:

College of Fine Arts

Christina Bain, Department of Art and Art History

Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, Department of Theatre and Dance

Stephennie Mulder, Department of Art and Art History

College of Liberal Arts

J.K. Barret, Department of English

Casey Boyle, Department of Rhetoric and Writing

Pramit Chaudhuri, Department of Classics

Laura Gutierrez, Department of Mexican American and Latino/a Studies

Ayelet Haimson Lushkov, Department of Classics

Xiaobo Lu, Department of Government

Sergio Romero, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Bruce Wells, Department of Middle Eastern Studies

LBJ School of Public Affairs

Catherine Weaver, Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs


Lucy Atkinson, Stan Richards School of Advertising & PR

School of Architecture

Igor Siddiqui, School of Architecture