Texas One Stop website launches for students

Texas One Stop (located in MAI 1) will be a new center for campus enrollment services, where students will quickly and easily access the information and services they need — including registration, financial aid, student records, and more — to support their enrollment and timely graduation. While construction for the space began in February this year, on November 21, students can access those same services — all on the Texas One Stop website.

Introducing Bevo Bot

Part of the new online location for student enrollment services, includes Bevo Bot, a virtual assistant. Bevo Bot is the site’s data-driven chat bot, ready to immediately answer questions from students. With timely assistance from Bevo Bot and easy to find tools for students under one convenient location, the Texas One Stop is committed to maximizing service and minimizing wait times.

“Keeping student-focused services under one virtual location will make it easy for students to find the information they need for both enrollment, persistence, and ultimately graduation,” said Jennifer Love, director, Texas One Stop for Enrollment Services. “We plan to do the same with the new physical location of Texas One Stop in the Spring of 2020.”

Annually, UT receives nearly 200,000 student enrollment inquiries and transactions. A new central location online and on-campus, will remove the barriers of navigating multiple offices located across campus, and make it easier to access services in one location. The nearly 6,200 square feet service area will be designed to be welcoming and inviting, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Learn more about the new Texas One Stop location and the construction timeline here.