Roy Crane Award

About the Award

The Roy Crane Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts is given each year to a student at The University of Texas at Austin for unique, creative effort in the performing, literary, and visual arts. An undergraduate or graduate student from any major or area of study may compete for the award. The selection committee will give no weight to any entrant’s grade point average or other academic achievement.

2016 Recipients

Ryan Hawk

Ryan Hawk

Graduate Student, Studio Art

Ruhee Maknojia

Ruhee Maknojia

Senior, BA in Studio Art and Middle Eastern Studies

Cameron Quevedo

Cameron G. Quevedo

Graduate Student, Film Production


Submissions closed on April 11, 2016

Number of Nominations

A student must be recommended by a faculty member. Research or analysis does not qualify. No faculty member may nominate more than two students for the award.

Nominee Qualifications

An undergraduate or graduate student at UT Austin from any major or area of study may compete for the award. The student must be enrolled during the semester in which the application is due. The selection committee will give no weight to any entrant’s grade point average or other academic achievement. To ensure that an entrant’s work may be compared with similar forms of creativity, each year the award committee designates an area of the arts:

2016: Visual Arts
2017: Performing Arts
2018: Literary Arts

Nomination Materials Required

Spring 2016 Nomination Form: Part One (Faculty)
Please fill out part one and write a nomination letter. Only ONE letter per student will be accepted. You may nominate up to two students. You may nominate either undergraduate or graduate students.
Fill out the form.

Spring 2016 Nomination Form: Part Two (Student)
Please fill out part two and submit with the work to be considered. Detailed instructions on how to submit the nomination form and supporting materials can be found on page one of the application form.
Fill out the form. 

Award Amount


*Award amount varies based on annual endowment.

About the Donor

ROY CRANE (1901-1977) is called the father of the adventure story cartoon strip. His first creation, “Wash Tubbs,” appeared in 1922. It was soon followed by “Buz Sawyer,” syndicated by King Features, which became world famous, appearing in more than 300 newspapers in the U.S. and being translated into more than ten languages.

The Louvre and the Smithsonian Institute have exhibited Crane’s work. He has been honored by many professional organizations, including the National Cartoonists Society, which gave him a “Ruben” in 1950 as cartoonist of the year.

Born in Abilene, Texas, Crane attended UT from 1919 to 1922. His wife, the former Evelyn Hatcher, was also a student here. Crane was art editor of the CACTUS yearbook and the LONGHORN, a student literary magazine that later merged with the RANGER, and he drew cartoons for the DAILY TEXAN.

His interest in The University of Texas at Austin continued throughout his life. In addition to establishing the award that bears his name, he presented a collection of his cartoons to the University Library. In 1969 he was named a Distinguished Alumnus by The University Ex-Students’ Association.

Past Recipients

Year Name
2015 Julie Howd
2015 F.T. Kola
2015 Adam Ortman
2014 Tony Costello
2014 Kelsey Oliver
2013 Adriana Corral
2013 Zoe Berg
2012 Katherine Noble
2012 Fiona McFarlane
2011 Paul Marbach
2011 Randy Maguire
2010 Leah Haneye