George H. Mitchell Award

Student Awards for Academic Excellence

In Spring 2021,  The University of Texas at Austin will recognize up to four undergraduate students for superior scholarly or creative achievement who will receive awards of $3,000 each. 

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost provides a concurrent award of half the value of each student’s award to the academic department in which the scholarly work was supervised. The Mitchell Awards Selection Committee consists of university faculty members who choose the recipients.

News: UT Honors Five Undergraduates for Academic Excellence (June 8, 2020) 


Not Accepting Applications


Applicants must be either a junior or senior currently enrolled at UT or have received their undergraduate degree in December 2020. Submitted work should be finished or close to finished (e.g. a complete draft of a thesis or research paper). Previous George H. Mitchell Awards recipients are eligible only if the submitted work is a completely different project. Both the student application with all its supporting materials and the faculty recommendation form must be received by the deadline for the application to be considered.

  1. The student project (paper, thesis, publication, video, artwork, etc.) in a single digital file. If the project is a video, provide a YouTube or Vimeo link in a Word or PDF document briefly describing your project and referencing your link.
  2. A one to two page CV or resume highlighting activities and achievements during your years of study at UT.
  3. The Mitchell Award Student Statement to be completed in Interfolio.
  4. The faculty recommendation form.

All of the above materials must be uploaded and your application submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. on the deadline to be considered for the award.

Frequently Asked Questions:

May I submit more than one project? 
Students may submit only one project per year of applying for the Mitchell award.

May I co-submit a project with another student?
Yes, co-submissions are accepted. Only one student should submit the application on behalf of the team. Only one letter of recommendation should be submitted for the team.

May I submit a project that involves research/activities not completed at UT Austin?
Yes, as long as the work was completed while you were a UT student. A letter of recommendation from a UT Austin faculty member is still required.

May I submit more than one letter of recommendation?
No, only one letter of recommendation should be submitted per application. In the event that more than one faculty member supervised your work, they may co-write a letter of recommendation.

2021 Award Recipients

Jeremian Abdullah

Major: Advertising
Category: Artistic/Creative
Winning Project: Land of Opportunity

Leonardo Di Bonaventura Altuve

Major: International Relations and Global Studies & Latin American Studies
Category: Social Sciences
Winning Project: The Collective Promotion of Democracy and Authoritarian Backsliding: The Organization of American States in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Honduras

Joseph Guidry

Major: Astronomy and Physics
Category: STEM
Winning Project: I Spy Transits and Pulsations: Empirical Variability in White Dwarfs Using Gaia and the Zwicky Transient Facility

Mark Simmons

Major: Linguistics
Category: Humanities
Winning Project: Reconstructing Proto-Naduhupan Prosody

Year Award Name Category
2020 $3,500 Ethan Russo Humanities
2020 $2,500 Austin Ali Artistic/Creative
2020 $2,500 Zoe de Beurs STEM
2020 $2,500 Maike Morrison STEM
2020 $2,500 Ishaana Talesara Social Sciences
2019 $12,000 Ariel Rebekah Barr STEM
2019 $5,000 Logan Pearce STEM
2019 $5,000 Scott Spivey Social Sciences
2019 $2,500 Aliyah Conley Humanities
2019 $2,500 Griffin Glenn STEM
2018 $12,000 Zahra Ahmed STEM
2018 $5,000 James Ding Social Sciences
2018 $5,000 Oluwaseun Olayiwola Artistic/Creative
2018 $2,500 Ashlie Martinez STEM
2018 $2,500 John Lin STEM
2017 $12,000 Luis Cataldo Humanities
2017 $5,000 Nathan Rebello STEM
2017 $5,000 Benjamin Stevenson Artistic/Creative
2017 $2,500 Gabrielle McRoberts Social Sciences
2017 $2,500 Bronwyn Scott STEM
2016 $10,000 Nell McKeown Humanities
2016 $3,000 Lillian Leone Social Sciences
2016 $3,000 Shelby Walford Sciences or Technology
2016 $3,000 Aydin Zahedivash Sciences or Technology
2016 $2,000 Mohnish Gandhi Social Sciences
2016 $2,000 Jaclyn Kachelmeyer Social Sciences
2016 $2,000 Macey Shay Humanities
2015 $10,000 Victoria Arnold Sciences or Technology
2015 $3,000 Ciaran Dean-Jones Humanities
2015 $3,000 Noor Momin Sciences or Technology
2015 $3,000 Thales Smith Artistic/Creative Project or Performance
2015 $2,000 Kaitlyn Kennedy Humanities
2015 $2,000 Nikita Klimovich Sciences or Technology
2015 $2,000 Nalin Ratnayeke Sciences or Technology
2014 $10,000 Lucy Kerr Humanities
2014 $3,000 Lindsay Mulford Social Sciences
2014 $3,000 Patrick Naeve Humanities
2014 $2,000 Lucy Junker Humanities
2014 $2,000 Casey Nice Humanities
2013 $12,500 Victor Vu Science and Technology
2013 $12,500 Katherine Noble Artistic and Creative
2013 $5,000 Isaac Gomez Artistic and Creative
2013 $5,000 Andrew Wortham Social Sciences
2013 $2,000 Ashty Karim Science and Technology
2013 $2,000 Leon Dean Science and Technology
2013 $2,000 Hannah Waitt Humanities

Application Support

The University of Texas at Austin is using an Interfolio product to collect award applications. Applicants to this position receive a Dossier account and can send all application materials, including confidential letters of recommendation, free of charge.

For help signing up, accessing your account, or submitting your application please check out Interfolio’s help and support section or get in touch via email at or phone at (877) 997-8807.