Dual Credit Programs – Memoranda of Understanding (MOU)

Pursuant to House Bill 1638, The University of Texas at Austin is required to make available to the public on its website all memoranda of understanding leading to dual credit with State of Texas school districts. To implement the associated rules, The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Education Agency developed statewide goals for dual credit programs in Texas. These goals provide guidance to institutions of higher education (IHEs) and independent school districts (ISDs) on components that must be in place to ensure quality dual credit programs are provided to Texas high school students. These statewide goals address enrollment in and acceleration through postsecondary education, performance in college-level coursework, and strong academic advising.

All dual credit programs are required to establish a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the IHE and ISD that details the terms of the partnership. HB 1638 requires that on or after September 1, 2018, any new, revised, or renewed dual credit MOU or articulation agreement must include the following:

  • A description of how the goals of the dual credit program align with the statewide goals;
  • A course equivalency crosswalk or other method of equating high school courses with college courses that identifies the number of credits that may be earned for each course completed through the dual credit program;
  • A description of the academic supports and guidance that will be provided to students participating in the dual credit program;
  • A description of the ISD and IHE respective roles and responsibilities in providing for and ensuring the quality and instructional rigor of the dual credit program; and
  • A description of the sources of funding for dual credit courses offered under the program including, at a minimum, the sources of funding for tuition, transportation, and any required fees or textbooks for students participating in the dual credit program.
Dual Credit Agreements

Memoranda of understanding from each unit offering dual credit.

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