Textbook Affordability & Open Educational Resources

House Bill 33 & Senate Bill 810

Pursuant to HB 33, The University of Texas at Austin must ensure that students have access to affordable course materials by decreasing costs and enhancing transparency and disclosure with respect to the selection, purchase, sale, and use of course materials. The intent is to encourage all the involved parties – faculty, students, administrators, bookstores, publishers, and distributors – to work together to decrease the cost of college textbooks and supplemental materials while maintaining academic freedom and high quality course materials.

The University Co-op, the university affiliated bookstore, in close cooperation with the Registrar’s Office, manages this course material information. In order to be compliant with HB 33, all textbook and course material selections must be visible to students at least 30 days before the start of the semester.

In addition, recent legislation (SB 810) requires submission of open education resource (OER) course materials.


The Co-op publishes the following priority deadlines for faculty to submit information:

  • April 15 – Deadline for fall and summer
  • October 31 – Deadline for spring

All required course materials – textbooks, course packets, access codes, iClickers, school supply items, etc. – must be submitted to the Co-op. If an item is unavailable at the Co-op, it will still be listed. For courses without any required materials, course material information still needs to be recorded by flagging “No Books Required.” Courses that include and distribute textual materials that are included in the program costs (such as Option II and III programs) must also provide this information.

Providing this information to the Co-op does not obligate you or your students to conduct business with them.

Related Legislation

HB 33

Relating to measures to increase the affordability of textbooks used for courses at public or private institutions of higher education.

SB 810

Relating to the purchase and use of open educational resources.