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Funding for Small Academic Renovation Projects

Requests to Renovate Academic Space

Requests to renovate academic space with a total project cost between $500K and $3M are eligible for Provost's Office funding at 80% of the total project cost. If the provost approves funding for the project, the department will be responsible for funding the remaining 20%. If the project comes in below the total project cost, funds will first be returned to the department, up to their 20% contribution.

Please submit requests by March 6th to be considered for funding in the next fiscal year.

    Step 1: Submit an online form

    The Provost’s Office has developed an online form to gather information on:

    • Project details and scope of work
    • How the project will advance the mission of the college/school/department
    • Potential cost of the project

    The project must be endorsed by the appropriate dean. 

    Step 2: Review by the Provost's Office

    The request will be reviewed with the following considerations:

    • Academic need - including faculty recruitment and retention initiatives 
    • Impact on overall campus space utilization including how this project or scope of work fits in with the university's overall space planning and sequencing of renovations on campus

    Step 3: Project approval

    If the project is approved, the Provost’s Office project manager, in collaboration with the requesting unit, will initiate a request to PMCS to obtain a preliminary cost estimate. The Provost’s Office project manager will be the primary point-of-contact for PMCS and will handle coordination with the department.