Process and Policy Changes to Request Exception to Serve Alcoholic Beverages at an Event on Campus

The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on property and in buildings owned by UT Austin, unless it is served at a location licensed by TABC to serve alcohol, or an exception has been requested from and approved by the approved delegate(s) prior to the event.

In a memo issued on April 26, 2016, President Fenves delegated the authority to approve exception requests. Moving forward, the provost has the authority to approve requests for any event on campus, and each respective dean and vice president (and their delegates) can approve requests for events sponsored by their respective portfolio.

Previously, all exception requests were submitted to the Provost’s Office via email. This process has been simplified to allow for online submissions to be automatically routed to the appropriate delegate. The requestor is now able to view the status of their request as it is being reviewed and will be notified through each step of the process.

To help ease any concern or confusion about the new process, the Provost’s Office has created a new website where users can submit exception requests and find information about the guidelines, TABC requirements, and UT Austin recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the delegates for my college/school?
A list of delegates can be found here.

How do I submit an exception request?
Moving forward all exception requests can be submitted via a new online form (EID required).

What are the guidelines to request an exemption?
To be approved, the event must be sponsored by the university. An event is sponsored if a budgeted office, department, or division, of the university is responsible for organizing the event, inviting attendees, and paying expenses related to the event, except when an outside entity pays for the food and beverages at the event. Meetings or events organized and presented by registered faculty, staff, or student organizations are not events sponsored by the university.

View more detailed information here.

Where can I find information about TABC requirements?
The vice president for legal affairs recommends that a TABC licensed caterer or bartender be used for all events. View more information about TABC requirements and UT Austin recommendations here.