Hiring Research Faculty

On this page you will find information about hiring a research faculty member and the steps that must be completed. You will also find a link to research faculty policy.

Research Faculty Titles
Information About Research Faculty Titles
Steps for Prior Approval Request (PAR) Review in Provost’s Office
Finalized PAR Packet

Research Faculty Titles

Research Professor (0017)
Research Associate Professor (0027)
Research Assistant Professor (0037)

About Research Faculty Titles

Education and Experience

Research Professor

  • Research accomplishments and scholarly credentials equivalent to that of a full professor, including supervision of research programs/projects as a principal investigator.

Research Associate Professor

  • Research accomplishments and scholarly credentials equivalent to that of an established assistant professor or a new associate professor. The individual must have an established record as a mature, independent researcher.

Research Assistant Professor

  • Expected to show the potential to develop an independent research program that represents a significant portion of their activity and also be involved in activities traditionally thought of as professorial.

*Research Faculty vs. Research Staff.  Key distinction is evidence of engagement with the academic enterprise through teaching, mentorship, or supervision of students at some level.*

Academic and Funding Expectations

  • Expected to focus primarily on conducting research rather than to assume the full academic responsibilities of teaching, research, and service.
  • Expected to be involved in some capacity in the academics of the school/college. This could be teaching, mentorship, or training of students, which is defined by the school.
  • Expected to be full-time and funded by extramural grants. State funds may not be used. Exception requests must be reviewed and approved by the dean. When teaching, funding should be adjusted via Assign Costing Allocation to reflect instructional effort.

Procedural Information

    • Individual holds one 12-month non-tenure track faculty position.
    • May have multi-year contracts
    • Standard is one year (short-term) but may be longer if determined by dean to be in best interest of institution.  The CSU is responsible for any contractual salary commitment not covered by sponsored research.
    • Does not complete timesheets for hours worked.
      • Required to enter absence time via Workday when sick leave, floating holiday, or vacation leave are taken. (12-mo faculty appointed for at least fifty percent (50%) time for at least four and one-half (4 1/2) continuous months accrue vacation.)
    • Not eligible for longevity pay.
    • Granted automatic PI status. Principal Investigator (PI) Eligibility Administrative Procedures

Steps for Prior Approval Request (PAR) Review in Provost’s Office

  • Initial review by Director of Academic Personnel Services
    • Request for additional information from hiring unit, if applicable.
  • Review by Vice President for Research
    • Request for additional information from hiring unit, if applicable.
  • Approval by Vice President for Research

Finalized PAR Packet

The following documents must be submitted in a finalized PAR packet. To facilitate review, include materials in the packet in the order shown below:

  1. PAR cover sheet (for departmentalized colleges, signed by department chair and dean; for non-departmentalized colleges, signed by dean
  2. Chair Statement (Dean Statement for non-departmentalized colleges)
    • Include clear evidence of the capability of developing and executing an independent research agenda on a timescale that would permit timely promotion.  This evidence can come from some combination of publications, recommendation letters, and grants received.
    • A summary of the committee’s discussion; explanation of the rationale for the committee’s vote and resulting recommendation; explanation of negative votes.
  3. Candidate Research Statement
  4. Candidate’s Current CV
  5. Adequate documentation of potential conflict of commitment, to include management plan, if applicable.
  6. A minimum of 3 reference letters (originals or copies); one must be arms-length. Letters should also document, if applicable, teaching performance and contributions in other areas to which the department expects the candidate to contribute in their research faculty role at UT.
  7. Primary Language Determination form, Attachment A; and, if primary language is not English, Attachments C & D.
  8. EEO report from Interfolio (if recruitment was managed in Interfolio).
  9. A copy of the faculty job posting on UT Faculty Careers; or an approved Posting Waiver form.
  10. Copy of draft offer letter. Offer Letter Templates
    • Commitment paragraph should clearly describe funding plan. Is bridge funding being provided and, if so, by whom and for how long. If bridge funding, or candidate’s external funding ends prior to current contract, what is the plan for the candidate’s employment. e.g. Will CSU fund?