Global Engagement Task Force Charge


  • Recommend an administrative structure and leadership model that reaches beyond disciplinary and college-level silos to strengthen, expand, and explore new models of global engagement related to student learning, faculty research and teaching, library archives and collections, lifelong contact with alumni abroad, and institutional development.
  • Assess and explore ways to further develop research relationships and partnerships with international funding agencies and multinational corporations.
  • Explore ways to increase and broaden faculty engagement with international research institutions, institutions of higher education, and individual research partners with a particular focus on interdisciplinary engagement.
  • Explore and recommend new models as well as enhancements to current practices related to the global learning and international experiences of our students.
  • Explore ways to expand the curriculum related to international and global realities, past, present, and future.
  • Investigate new student exchange models that expand the presence of international students at UT Austin within the bounds of state restrictions.
  • Consider how to leverage our network of international alumni living outside the U.S. for the benefit of our students and our research mission and as a support network for UT Austin initiatives.