Funding for Small Academic Renovation Projects (80/20 Program)

Requests to Renovate Academic Space

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost manages a yearly program to provide funding for academic space renovation projects with a total project cost (TPC) between $300K and $3M.  The Provost’s Office will provide funding support for up to 80% of the TPC with the College or School funding the remaining 20%. If the project is completed under the budgeted TPC, funds will be returned to the department, up to their 20% contribution.  All projects submitted must be endorsed by the CSU’s respective Dean.

The submission window opens on January 3 and proposals must be submitted by March 1 to be considered for funding.  Funding will be provided by the Provost’s Office in the Fall following the submission cycle to procure projects in the year following the submission cycle.


  1. Project submitted by March 1, 2023
  2. Project approval notification by May 30, 2023
  3. Project funded September 30, 2023
  4. Project construction 2023-24

STEP 1: Submit the project information using the form at the link on this page and include the following information:

  • Project scope and location, including building and room numbers
  • Anticipated project cost
  • How the project will advance the mission of the college/school/department

STEP 2: Submitted projects will be reviewed by the Provost’s Office

The request will be reviewed with the following considerations:

  • Advancement of the mission of the University and CSU
  • Impact on overall campus space utilization and efficiency.
  • Value on investment

STEP 3: Project approval.  Project approvals will be announced on or before May 30.

If the project is approved, the Provost’s Office Academic Space Planning & Management team (ASPM) will be the primary point-of-contact for PMCS and will coordinate with the college or school.  For questions, please contact ASPM at the email address noted on this page.

Note:  For small to medium classroom specific renovation project funding, see the Learning Environments Renovation Program (LERP).

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