ELI Faculty Ambassador Program

The ELI Faculty Ambassador Program consists of 35 faculty from all schools with undergraduate programs. To maximize their reach among undergraduate students, 25 of the ambassadors represent the departments with the largest graduating classes in six colleges/schools. The remaining colleges/schools are each eligible for two Ambassadors. The ELI Faculty Ambassadors receive $3000/year for two years to publicize experiential learning and mentor faculty who receive ELI Course Developer stipends. Faculty Ambassadors are the lynchpin of ELI and act as the connective tissue between ELI, faculty, and the UT community.

A selection committee consisting of faculty and staff associated with the Experiential Learning Faculty Working Group, the Provost’s Teaching Fellows, and ELI, is currently reviewing applications from faculty for the 2019 cohort. These applicants were nominated by their departments and on-campus faculty and staff well-versed in experiential learning and undergraduate research. Faculty Ambassadors will be announced in late January 2019.

Faculty Ambassadors are being selected according to the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated experience with experiential learning or other innovative teaching methods  
  • Enthusiasm for implementing experiential learning or other innovative teaching methods in courses or curricula at the undergraduate level  
  • Previous participation or interest in mentoring or collaborating with colleagues in research or in teaching  
  • Previous participation or interest in collaborating with on-campus staff
  • Can be faculty of any rank


The 2019 cohort will include 17 faculty representing the following departments and schools:

College or School Ambassadors by Department (1 each)
College of Liberal Arts
Economics; Psychology; Government; English; International Relations and Global Studies; History  
Moody College of Communications
Advertising and Public Relations; Communication Studies; Radio, Television, Film  
Cockrell School of Engineering 
Mechanical Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil, Architectural, Environmental Engineering
School of Nursing  
2 from any department
School of Architecture  
2 from any department

The 2020 cohort will include faculty from the following schools: College of Natural Sciences, McCombs School of Business, College of Education, College of Fine Arts, Steve Hicks School of Social Work, and Jackson School of Geosciences.


  YEAR ONE End of Year YEAR TWO End of Year
Faculty Ambassadors
Attend at least 6 of 8 monthly lunches and 2 trainings run by EL specialists.
Host a roadshow in home college/school.
Participate in selecting faculty to receive course stipends. 
Bring ideas and examples back to home department and college/school. 
Attend 6 of 8 monthly lunches and additional training run by EL specialists.
Bring ideas and examples back to home department or college/school. 
Help publicize results of program. Share successful examples at conferences, etc.