Introducing Our New UT Honor Code

Dear Longhorns,

As we write to you this afternoon on the 12th class day, we hope all of you have settled into your new courses successfully and are enjoying the excitement of student life at the University!

Whether you are a first-year student, a senior getting ready to graduate, or a Ph.D. candidate completing your dissertation, the start of the academic year can be both thrilling and challenging, often testing you in and out of the classroom. As UT students, you are the beating heart of our campus, and your decisions, actions, honesty and principles play a critical role — not just in your own academic success, but in the collective pride and integrity that have defined the Longhorn community since 1883.

To strengthen an already unwavering commitment to the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity, and in conjunction with UT’s core values, we are proud to establish the new honor code for The University of Texas at Austin:

The University of Texas at Austin Honor Code

I pledge, as a member of The University of Texas at Austin community, to do my work honestly, respectfully, and through the intentional pursuit of learning and scholarship.

    • I pledge to be honest about what I create and to acknowledge what I use that belongs to others.
    • I pledge to value the process of learning in addition to the outcome, while celebrating and learning from mistakes.
    • This code encompasses all the academic and scholarly endeavors of the University community.

You have earned the right to attend this University, and your individual and our collective work together ensures its value — both to you and your future employers. We ask that you:

  1. Take time to reflect on the honor code and what it means to your studies and your life.
  2. Commit to a higher standard where you find ways to honor what it means to be a Longhorn in your work.
  3. Seek out helpful student services and resources, like the University Writing Center, Sanger Learning Center, Disability and Access, Recreational Sports, and Counseling and Mental Health Center, to assist you in overcoming challenges and support your well-being and academic success.
  4. Consider writing the honor code on every assignment — and then sign it — regardless of whether it is required. Or, simply sign your name at the bottom of every assignment as an affirmation of your pledge. Your personal commitment to academic integrity protects not only you and the degree you are working toward, but the whole of our proud Longhorn community.

And, always, be sure to reach out to your professors, instructors and student affairs staff — and ask for help if you need it. Every professor and teaching assistant has office hours, listed on your course syllabus. And also remember your student affairs staff, who are all committed to helping you acquire new knowledge and skills. The honor code reinforces the importance of the teaching and learning community on your journey at UT.

Integrity is the foundation of our reputation — and as a member of our Longhorn community, it forms yours. Thank you for everything you do to honor the horns and reinforce what it means to be a Longhorn.

Have a great fall term!


Sharon L. Wood
Executive Vice President and Provost


Soncia Reagins-Lilly
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students