Student Success

Students sitting on south mall

Our goal is improving the four-year graduation rate to 70% by 2017. It's an ambitious goal, and we are dedicated to achieving it. Here is how we are providing our students the tools and resources they need to find success.

Community & Data Transforming Our Campus

Students who graduate in four years begin their careers or pursue graduate education sooner than their peers while incurring less student loan debt. Parents save money on tuition. The university proudly sends better equipped graduates into the world as representatives of the university while gaining additional capacity for new students, increasing fiscal responsibility through efficiency.


Ensuring our students have the opportunity to complete a world-class education in four years is part of our commitment to serve the people of Texas.


We examined the entire student experience, and identified opportunities to help our students through community building, data, finances, and policy.


On a large campus like ours, customized programs exist to help students in every college, across the diverse array of disciplines, and varying backgrounds.

NYT Feature - Who Gets to Graduate?

This New York Times article features the innovative programs we developed to ensure all students are successful and graduate in four years.

Graduating Students

Class of '17 Sets UT Record

Sophomore class returned to campus at higher rate, earned better grades and took more credit hours than any class on record.

Predictive Analytics

Using historical student data, we developed advanced algorithms that help make informed decisions to better support our students.