Texas Teach-Up

February 9 and 10, 2022

In February 2022, the seventh annual Texas Teach-Up will take place across the UT Austin campus. In partnership with the Provost’s Teaching Fellows and the Faculty Innovation Center (FIC), the purpose of the event is to help strengthen the culture of teaching at UT Austin by providing an opportunity for faculty to visit other classrooms and observe different teaching styles and learning environments, which will facilitate meaningful conversation around teaching and learning across the university.

Texas Teach-Up is not about faculty members being observed and it is not an evaluation.

It is about creating an opportunity for faculty to watch their colleagues teach, and to talk with each other about their teaching successes and struggles. As a non-evaluative peer observation practice, Texas Teach-Up instead focuses on reflection and sharing of new ideas and methodologies. Texas Teach-Up will help faculty improve their own teaching and make connections across campus they might not have otherwise.

On February 9 and 10, Texas Teach-Up will take place for the observation of Spring 2022 courses; instructors will have the opportunity to observe both in-person and virtual undergraduate courses across many disciplines and will also have opportunities to reflect on the intersections between the course observed and their own current and upcoming courses.

As a participant, you have the opportunity to join us as instructors throw open the doors to their classrooms (whether literally or virtually), and welcome other instructors from across campus to come experience how teaching and learning happens in their selected course.  The visit is followed by collegial discussions over refreshments with the instructor and fellow observers, facilitated by a course docent.

Texas Teach-Up Schedule

Registration for the 2022 Texas Teach-Up event will be open on Tuesday, January 18.

Preview the schedule to see this year’s offerings, as well as learn more about the class sizes and type of courses offered. The deadline to sign up is February 3 at 9:00am.

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How will it work?

A sign-up form will be sent out in January with classes across the university that will be available for faculty to visit. Faculty can look for new teaching techniques they might want to see in action (e.g., a flipped classroom), or something they want to improve on in their own teaching (e.g., facilitating a small group discussion).

On February 9 and 10, faculty docents – members of the Provost’s Teaching Fellows and the FIC – will meet their groups and walk to the classrooms to be visited. The docent will offer a short introduction, observe with the other faculty, and then take the entire group (including the faculty member who was observed) out for coffee after class to discuss the visit, what they learned, and how they might incorporate it into their own teaching.

Who are the Provost’s Teaching Fellows?

The Provost’s Teaching Fellows are hard-working, forward-thinking, community-minded faculty committed to improving teaching practice and campus culture at UT Austin. The current cohort of 43 Fellows represents faculty of all rank, 13 Colleges and Schools, and a multiplicity of disciplines and unique perspectives. At present, 22 Teaching Fellows pursue individual initiatives, 18 Senior Fellows provide mentorship and guidance, and dozens of Alumni Fellows remain active in the program. Collectively, Fellows spearhead events that benefit the entire campus, including the New Faculty Symposium, monthly Think Tanks where faculty discuss thorny issues in a safe and collaborative environment, and Texas Teach-Up.

More information about the Provost’s Teaching Fellows is available here.

Other questions?

If you have additional questions or comments regarding Texas Teach-Up or the Provost’s Teaching Fellows, e-mail texasteachup@utexas.edu.

Texas Teach-Up Schedule

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