Faculty Recruitment Diversity Initiative

In order to maximize the educational experience, students benefit the most by learning from a diverse population of faculty. The university is committed to promoting an inclusive and diverse culture among faculty, as we prepare students to enter the global workforce.

The Faculty Recruitment Diversity Initiative was created to better support departments and units in the recruitment process.

This initiative is restricted to competitive searches for tenured and tenure-track faculty and to departments and units who could not advertise in additional venues, or bring in the additional candidate without the Provost’s Office assistance.

The search committee must be made up of diverse members with different perspectives, backgrounds, and expertise with a commitment to diversity and excellence.  The search committee chair must complete training provided by the Office of Inclusion and Equity or have other documented diversity/inclusion training.

The Provost’s Office will reimburse funds for the following recruitment activities:

Position advertising funds request

Assistance with position advertising in venues not traditionally utilized and that have the potential of reaching a more diverse applicant pool.

Finalist funds request

Bringing an additional faculty finalist to campus if that candidate would add to the diversity of the faculty in the department/school.

Approval for reimbursement of funds is contingent upon the following criteria:

Position advertising funds

  • The position posting and advertisement must be written to attract candidates that will diversify the unit and be approved by the dean’s office.
  • The requester must provide an explanation of how the sites/publications for which reimbursement is sought will reach a more diverse applicant pool.
  • The search must be run through Interfolio or another approved search software system that systematically gathers Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) information.
  • Advertising Support — Available to search committees to simplify the advertising process by recommending advertising venues, provide quotes, and creating and placing ads. These services are free for all UT Austin recruitment efforts.
  • Funds should be requested and approved prior to placing advertisements.

Finalist funds

  • The additional finalist must be from a group underrepresented in the department as measured by the EEO data that is collected.
  • There must be at least one candidate already placed on the finalists’ list who would add diversity to the department/school.
  • The requester must provide an explanation of how the additional candidate might add to the diversity of the faculty in the department/school.
  • The position and applicant statuses must be up-to-date in Interfolio (or another approved search software system) to facilitate Provost’s Office review.
  • Estimated cost for the finalist visit must be provided.

Deans may establish additional criteria in consultation with the Provost’s Office.

Prior approval required

Requests for Provost Office reimbursement must be approved by the dean or their designee prior to submission. 

Submit a request

To request an exception, please submit the following linked web form (EID required).

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