Fall 2022 Course Evaluation System


In April, the provost announced that the university would adopt a new course evaluation system. The genesis of the new Course Evaluation System (formerly Course-Instructor Surveys) was the work of a provost’s Task Force on Student Feedback and Teaching and a follow-up resolution passed by Faculty Council in November of 2020. Faculty Council suggested several changes to UT’s course evaluation process, including adopting a vendor-based system, updating the core evaluation questions, and adopting features to allow faculty and administrators to add their own questions. This summer, the Offices of Academic Affairs and Faculty Affairs led a pilot of the new system, and this fall, the university is rolling it out for all courses. Faculty should expect several new features that will make course evaluations easier, including Canvas integration and response rate monitoring.


The goal of the new Course Evaluation System (CES) is to drive teaching excellence and to support continuous improvement in teaching and learning experiences at The University of Texas at Austin.

Important Dates

  • October 19, 24, 27 & 28: New CES Training sessions (recordings right side bar)
  • November 2 – 12: Faculty Optional Question Selection Period
  • November 11: Response Rate Workshop (recording right side bar)
  • November 7, 11, 14 & 18: Faculty Office Hours
  • November 17 – December 8: Student Fill Out Period

New Main Campus Course Evaluation System Updates:

What are the new questions featured in the Fall 2022 course evaluation?

The core questions asked on each survey are located here.

When will students complete course evaluations?

For most courses, evaluations open for student-fill-out on November 17 and close on December 8, 2022

How and when do I access the new system?

The new Course Evaluation system is called Blue Explorance. We recommend you access the system through Canvas (there is a link to Course Evaluations in your Canvas course’s navigation menu). However, you can always access the system through this direct link. 

How and when do I select optional questions?

For the regular survey period, from November 2 – November 12, you will have the option to select up to three additional questions to add to your course evaluation/s from an item bank.  The responses to these questions will only be viewable by you. You will receive an email from UT Course Evaluations when this opportunity opens, and you will receive reminders through the close date. You will also notice a Canvas pop-up with information about question selection starting on November 2. This process is entirely optional. You may also view this short how-to video to walk through the process.

How can I view my response rates or download QR codes/links to use in class?

Whenever possible, we recommend administering your evaluations during a live class meeting.

From November 14 – December 8, you will have the opportunity to view the response rate for your course. You will also receive an email from UT Course Evaluations when this opportunity opens, and you will receive reminders through the close date. You will also notice a Canvas pop-up with information about question selection starting on November 14. During this period, you will also be able to download a QR code and copy a link tied to each of your courses. You can view our office’s response rate guide here; it contains links and resources to further assist you.  In addition, you view this short how-to video here.

How do I review my reports? 

When reports are published, you will be able to access through the Course Evaluations link in your Canvas course or through the system’s direct link.

How will students be informed of the new system and process?

The week of November 14, we will message all students about the new system. Beginning on November 17, 2022, the system will send an automated e-mail to students and send an automated Canvas Announcement that their evaluations are open. The system will automatically remind students who did not complete their surveys by the end date to do so.

How will my TA be evaluated? TA questions have changed, your dept/faculty member, CEL is who to contact, how will I get it.

If your Department has a policy on TA evaluations, that will should determine how your TAs are evaluated. If not, you will determine if your TA should receive a TA evaluation. If you determine your TA should receive an evaluation, you should inform your Course Evaluation Liaison. The TA questions have been updated through recommendations from a faculty task force, and are available in the Fall 2022 Question Guide.

How can I get help?

You can get help by contacting your Department’s Course Evaluation Liaison/Course Scheduler or by e-mail course-evals@utexas.edu.

The new CES features an updated set of core questions for instructors that were recommended by Faculty Council, piloted in summer of 2022, and updated based on the pilot for fall of 2022. You can review those core questions here. If your course carries a flag/s, students will receive a question/s specific to that flag in their core survey. If the course does not carry a flag, students will receive a general skills question. In addition, a cross-institutional faculty working group is currently reviewing and refreshing TA evaluation questions. These questions will be ready for implementation this fall.


Note that when reviewing the questions, you will notice that they may appear in a different format and order than they have in the past. This order and format was tested during our summer pilot, with positive results.

The new system provides several features that are aimed at increasing response rates. First, the system is integrated with Canvas and provides pop-ups for students to remind them to complete their evaluations. Canvas will also include a static link for navigation to the course evaluations during the evaluation period.  In addition, the system automatically sends a Canvas Announcement to students and e-mails to remind instructors and students about the evaluation process. Finally, the system has features that allow instructors to live monitor response rates, and provides download links and QR codes to aid in course evaluation administration. (If you normally post an Announcement about course evaluations, you no longer need to do this – it will be done automatically).

Faculty Council recommended adopting a system that would allow instructors and administrators to add questions to the core evaluation. The new CES will aid in the development of teaching excellence and continuous improvement by allowing both faculty and CSUs to select additional questions from an item bank. The item bank was developed during the pilot, through faculty, Faculty Affairs, and Academic Affairs working groups.

Designates from your dean’s office will oversee the selection of two questions for your CSU from the item bank. In addition, every instructor will have the option to add three questions from an item bank to their evaluations. The purpose of this feature is to allow instructors to pose questions to aid in the continuous improvement of their teaching. As such, these questions are optional for faculty, and responses to these questions will be viewable by instructors only and will not be part of promotion and tenure reviews unless the instructor elects to share those results. The fall 2022 optional question item bank for faculty is available here. We recommend faculty use this question guide to review and identify the questions they want to select first, before attempting to select their questions in the system.

This fall, the Provost’s Office launched several faculty working groups to review and refresh the supplemental course-level questions that have been available to departments as part of the CES process. The refreshed questions will be available to departments in Spring 2023, therefore in the fall, supplemental forms will not be available. This one-semester pause on supplemental forms is needed to focus university resources on ensuring a successful campus-wide rollout of the new CES system.  This pause will also provide time to ensure that supplemental questions align with the new CES goals and technical requirements.

The new system will have a new reporting layout and features. Reports will be available using your UT EID, and will include downloadable HTML, PDF, and CSV files. For some questions, the new reports use bar graphs instead of tables.

Your course schedulers will continue to be the primary point of contact for your course evaluations in your department. We encourage you to start with your CEL if you have questions about your evaluations.

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General Information Session

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Thursday, October 27
New Features Orientation, including how to select your own questions

Friday, October 28
New Features Orientation, including how to select your own questions.

Help or Questions

If you need help or have questions, please contact the course evaluation team.

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