Who is Affected?

Faculty and Certain Staff

HOP 5-2011 applies generally to all university employees, but only those who engage in certain outside activities need to take action to be in compliance.


UT Austin faculty subject to this policy include all full-time and part-time faculty.

Those engaged in research are also affected by HOP 7-1210, which is implemented by the Office of Research Support. Information regarding disclosures relevant to this policy may be found in the  Office of Research Support .

Faculty who disclose under HOP 7-1210 through the Office of Research Support do NOT need to disclose the same information under HOP 5-2011. They do, however, have to disclose other outside activities that produce an actual or potential conflict of interest with the university or which require an unusual amount of time commitment which could interfere with their university duties.


UT Austin staff subject to this policy are full-time staff exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), full-time non-exempt staff who are authorized to execute contracts on behalf of UT or who because of their job duties at UT have authority to exercise discretion with regard to the award of contracts or other financial transactions, part-time exempt staff, and part-time non-exempt staff with same job responsibilities as described above for full-time non-exempt staff.  Human Resources  can help staff determine if they are subject to the policy. HOP 7-1210 also applies to staff engaged in research.


Graduate student academic employees, including but not limited to teaching assistants, instructional assistants and research assistants, are not subject to the disclosure and approval section of the policy.

Here are examples of employee profiles.