Helpful Resources

HOP 5-2011 Conflicts of Interest, Conflicts of Commitment, and Outside Activities

  • Find and become familiar with the policy at HOP 5-2011. Becoming familiar with this UT Austin policy, particularly the definitions of conflict of interest and conflict of commitment, will be most helpful.
  • Take University Compliance Services’ Training module CW 0181 Outside Activities, Conflicts of Interest and Commitment (this is an optional training module that provides some case studies);
  • Review the Employee Profiles and Examples for some case studies of conflicts of interest;
  • Use the Quick Reference Table: Overview of Disclosure and Prior Approval Requirements (PDF) as an overview of the COC/COI/OA policy;
  • Call 1-877-507-7321 (UT Austin Compliance Office) or email with questions.

Online Resources

There are several web resources pertaining to the Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment/Outside Activities policy

UT System’s Outside Activity Portal

UT System’s Outside Activity Portal (OAP) is itself a source of information with its web interfaces for gathering information within two portals, “Request Approval” and “Make A Disclosure,” and two other portals, “Employee Portal” and “Approver Portal,” which are interfaces for employees and supervisors (i.e., approvers). Training for using this Portal is through the UT System’s Tool Tip Training document (PDF).

“Help” links on each page of each portal provide the user access to information that explains actions to be taken on that page. These links also have a Support Request Form that can be completed and submitted when the software itself appears to malfunction. For technical issues, users will receive a response within 24 business hours.

As you move through the application you may receive an error similar to “SAS Stored Process Error.” In most cases, the best solution is to close your browser and then re-enter the application. “Save Early, Save Often” is your best defense.