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New Data Visualization Dashboards Illustrate Faculty Diversity


May 10, 2019

In an effort to provide a richer understanding of data around faculty diversity, new web visualization dashboards were recently published by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost at UT Austin. In addition to existing faculty diversity data on the university as a whole, including information on promotion and tenure, the new data dashboards provide college and departmental-level comparisons regarding the diversity of UT Austin's faculty members.  

The data, dating back to 2011, includes the number of tenured, tenured-track, and non-tenure track faculty members, gender, median age, ethnicity, and race.

“In addition to providing information about the university’s faculty diversity to the general public, the data dashboards can be used as a tool for the colleges, schools, and departments to benchmark the diversity of their faculty members,” said Edmund T. Gordon, vice provost for diversity at UT Austin. “The new dashboards provide the opportunity for comparative analysis, which has been much more difficult in the past.”

The data dashboards contain refined accounting of teaching faculty and attempts to more accurately count faculty who are contributing to the teaching mission of the university. Additionally, the data displayed in the dashboards is presented using an approach similar to the one used by the U.S. Census Bureau which considers ethnicity and race as distinct categories.

The new dashboards add to the recent publication of faculty diversity data at the university-wide level that also provide a comparison with peer institutions across the nation, as well as promotion and tenure data that provide information regarding promotion and tenure cases disaggregated by gender as well as race/ethnicity.

The data dashboards will be updated annually.