Institutional Level

Institutional Effectiveness Committee

In spring 2015, the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) was created in order to refine the university’s assessment practices. It includes faculty, administrator, and staff representation.

2015 IEC members

The purpose and functions of the IEC are as follows:

  1. Coordinate, support and provide leadership for ongoing systems and processes of institutional effectiveness and assessment; advance and oversee academic and non-academic program assessment.
  2. Increase efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and minimize duplication of efforts and redundancy for assessment, reporting, and accreditation. 
  3. Make recommendations for increased assessment infrastructure and resources; promote the use of research-based, best-practice driven, institutional assessment principles and guidelines. 
  4. Assure compliance with SACSCOC 2.5 and CS 3.3.1. Support institutional needs in order to meet SACSCOC core requirements and comprehensive standards related to assessment.
  5. Establish frameworks, and structures for students to know their course, program and general education learning outcomes. 
  6. Ensure effective information systems for assessment at the program, departmental/unit, college/school/division, and institutional levels. 
  7. Advise the Office of Institutional Accreditation and Effectiveness. 
  8. Seek ways to align institutional effectiveness outcomes, processes, and practices with the core values and mission of the university.