Institution Substantive Changes

Reporting Procedures

(see SACSCOC Substantive Change policy for more detail)

(P1):  Procedure One – requires review of substantive changes requiring notification and approval prior to implementation of significantly different program. Procedure One may require notification, a prospectus, and a site visit.
(P2):  Procedure Two – requires review of substantive changes requiring only notification prior to implementation of significantly different program.
(P3):  Procedure Three – requires review and approval of program or instructional site closure.

Institutional changes include

Procedure One

  • Initiating coursework or programs at a different degree level than currently approved
  • Expanding at current degree level (significant departure from current programs)
  • Initiating a branch campus*
  • Altering significantly the established mission of the institution

Procedure Two

  • Relocating a main campus
  • Moving an off-campus instructional site (serving the same geographic area)
  • Initiating distance learning (the instructor and student are geographically separated):
    • Offering 50% or more of program for the first time (subsequent programs do not require reporting unless they are significant departures from initially approved programs) (P1)
    • Offering 25-49% of a program (P2)
    • Adding significantly different degree programs (approved for the institution) from previously reported programs offered through distance learning (P2)
  • Initiating a merger/consolidation with another institution
  • Changing governance, ownership, control, or legal status of an institution
  • Acquiring any program or site from another institution
  • Adding a permanent location at a site where the institution is conducting a teach-out for students from another institution that is closing

Procedure Three

  • Closing an approved off-campus site, branch campus, or institution; initiating teach-out agreements

*Branch campus:  a location of an institution that is geographically apart and independent of the main campus of the institution. A location is independent of the main campus if the location (1) is permanent in nature, (2) offers courses in educational programs leading to a degree, certificate, or other recognized educational credential, (3) has its own faculty and administrative or supervisory organization, and (4) has its own budgetary and hiring authority.