UT System’s Outside Activity Portal

How to Use This Application

UTS 180, and hence HOP 5-2011, require that faculty and staff outside activity data be entered into an electronic database so that employees may electronically request prior approval, make necessary disclosures for outside activities, obtain approval or some other action from their approver, and, if necessary, enter into Management Plans that resolve conflicts. UT System developed the Outside Activity Portal (OAP), an electronic database, for this purpose.

Access is available here.

Please note that it is best viewed with Internet Explorer (v. 9 or later), but it should work with Chrome (v. 32) and Safari (v. 7.0.1). Full functionality may be missing in Firefox. It does not work on iPad or Android tablet.

Users entering the OAP will see the UT System Outside Activity Portal (OAP) or “Home Portal” with four portals:

  • Request [Prior] Approval – generally activities that have not yet occurred, activities such as outside employment and other compensated activity, service on outside boards and uncompensated activity that may reasonably appear to create a conflict (there are exclusions and exemptions, e.g., UT Austin’s preapproved activities);
  • Make a Disclosure – generally about activities that have already occurred or interests that already exist;
  • Employee Portal – single portal in which faculty and staff can take actions, view status of requests and approvals, make disclosures, acknowledge policies, etc.; and
  • Approver Portal – for use by final approver and other approvers in the approval chain, e.g., department chair, associate dean, dean, for a particular school/college or administrative unit take action on requests and disclosures.

UT System has created the Tool Tip Training document (PDF) for users of the OAP. It is a step-by-step description of how the OAP is used by employees to request prior approvals and make disclosures and how to use the employee portal to track approvals and disclosures through the review and approval process. The document also provides instructions for the Approvers and how they fulfill their roles.

OAP users can get help in its use through the Help links on each webpage. Clicking on Help causes a Support Request Form to appear with a menu of error types from which the user can select and provide a brief description of the problem. For technical issues, users will receive a response within 24 business hours.