Committee on Data Analysis

The 2016-17 Data Analysis Committee's analysis focused on findings from the spring 2015 University of Texas Climate Survey of instructional faculty. The committee produced an analysis of the open-ended qualitative responses from the tenure-track faculty, and a quantitative analysis of the non-tenure track faculty.

2016-17 Data Analysis Committee Reports

Analysis of Tenure-Track Faculty Open-Ended Responses From 2015 Climate Survey

Open-ended responses to questions about the sources of work dis/satisfaction from the 2015 University of Texas Climate Survey were collected and analyzed using a grounded theory approach to uncover recurring themes and common responses. This analysis produced five main themes from the tenure-track faculty who took the climate survey, including work environment, work-life balance, work-family balance, rank and salary, and morale.

2015 UT Austin Faculty Climate Survey: Non Tenure-Track Faculty Gender Differences

The committee analyzed all the responses of non-tenure track faculty to the items in the 2015 University of Texas Climate Survey.