Employment Issues Committee

2017-18 Employment Issues Committee Presentation


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Gender differences in salary.


Female faculty headcount percentages.

Promotion and Tenure

Promotion and tenure data by gender.

Non-Tenure Track

Data regarding non‐tenure track faculty by gender, rank, college/school, and lecturers' salary.

2015-16 Committee Report

The committee focused on evaluating gender equity in salary and time-in-rank data for tenured and tenure-track faculty. They compiled and analyzed relevant data sets for examining the composition, compensation, and promotion issues from 2004-2015.


2016-17 Committee Reports & Charts

The 2016-17 committee focused on a gender equity analysis of teaching data (CIS and workload measures), to extend analyses of gender equity in headcount, salary, endowments, and promotions. The committee also ran corresponding equity analyses by race for tenure and tenure-track faculty, and analyses for non-tenure track faculty.