Provost’s Early Career Fellows

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to increase the number of faculty who will further our university’s critical goals of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness by attracting and hiring candidates with outstanding scholarly records, as well as knowledge and experience in the issues and practices of diversity, equity, and/or inclusion.

Program Description and Background

In 2020, the application process began for the Provost’s Early Career Cohort Fellowship Awards. The aim was to provide strategic hiring lines to departments and units to provide the following creative mechanisms: (1) identify candidates with early promise and talent from atypical backgrounds; and (2) invest in career development and professional growth of future faculty.

An impressive array of applications and proposals from all participating departments/units were received, with unique recruitment and training strategies for hiring Early Career Fellows in their specific disciplines. Departments/units were asked to include a proposal for a program designed to:

  • support activities that equip early career scholars with the research, scholarship and/or creative activity and professional skills necessary to successfully undertake independent academic research and teaching at UT Austin;
  • facilitate the transition of promising advanced graduating Ph.D. students, postdoctoral researchers and/or early pre-tenure faculty members to independent, tenure-track faculty positions at UT Austin or other top research-intensive institutions;
  • attract candidates committed to furthering UT Austin’s critical goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion; and
  • enable fellows to form a network of emerging scholars and benefit from the mentorship of top faculty in their field.

Selected departments/units received funding via a strategic hiring line to cover a competitive stipend, fringe benefits, relocation, travel and/or discretionary funds. Participating departments/units have since moved through the recruitment phase and nearly all have successfully hired their Early Career Fellows.

Early Career Mentoring Program

Mentorship is a key aspect of the Provost’s Early Career Fellows program. The Provost’s Office will complement the department’s mentoring with an Early Career Mentoring Program for all participating fellows. The following Advisory Committee will advise the Vice Provost for Diversity and Managing Director of Diversity on onboarding and mentoring:

Advisory Committee for Early Career Fellows
Catherine Cubbin Steve Hicks School of Social Work
Marvin Hackert Graduate Studies
Sharon L. Wood Executive Vice President and Provost
Martin Kevorkian Department of English
Miyong Kim School of Nursing
Brad Love Moody College of Communications
Raul Madrid Department of Government
Deborah Parra-Medina College of Liberal Arts
Shelley Payne College of Natural Sciences
Stephen Russell College of Natural Sciences
Mark Smith Graduate School
Elizabeth Vandewater Office of the Vice President for Research

Additional Information

For questions about the program and process, please contact:

Dr. Lydia Contreras
Vice President for Faculty Diversity

Meet the Fellows
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2022 Provost’s Early Career Fellows

We are pleased to present the 2022 Provost’s Early Career Fellows Cohort from a variety of disciplines and colleges across the university. Please join us in welcoming this talented group of individuals, already engaged in exciting, scholarly work in their areas of expertise. Click on the name of each fellow for more information.

Andres Carrete

Department of Classics

Jonathan Cortez

Department of History

Pratima Gopalakrishnan

Department of Classics

Maira Álvarez

Department of History

Julia Cisneros

School of Geoscience

Liannie Velasquez-Santana

School of Geoscience

Dan Smelter

College of Pharmacy

Kevin Uribe

College of Pharmacy

Henry Castillo

College of Fine Arts

Dylan McLaughlin

College of Fine Arts

Bella Maria Varela

College of Fine Arts

Tauheeda Yasin

ECF Affiliate