Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chairs

In an effort to better coordinate and support diversity and inclusion efforts across campus, the Provost’s Office is working to ensure university-wide efforts work with local efforts in the colleges and schools.

As part of the University Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, all colleges and schools formed a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee in the fall of 2016. These committees are charged with developing plans to assess the state of diversity and inclusion locally, and include recommendations to improve diversity and inclusion for their faculty, staff and students.

The following is a list of the current D&I Committee Chairs who lead their college or school’s efforts to monitor and champion diversity and inclusion efforts throughout their college or school.

2021-22 Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chairs

College/School Committee Chair Website
Cockrell School of Engineering Christine Julien engr.utexas.edu/about/diversity-and-inclusion
College of Education Rich Reddick education.utexas.edu/about/diversity
College of Fine Arts John Yancey finearts.utexas.edu/about/fine-arts-diversity-committee
College of Liberal Arts Karma Chávez liberalarts.utexas.edu/office-of-the-dean/diversity-organizational-climate/index.php
College of Liberal Arts Kevin Foster
College of Natural Sciences Calvin Lin cns.utexas.edu/diversity
College of Pharmacy Skyller Walkes pharmacy.utexas.edu/about/equity-diversity
Dell Medical School (No D&I Committee Chair) dellmed.utexas.edu/education/why-dell-med/commitment-to-diversity
Jackson School of Geosciences Julia Clarke jsg.utexas.edu/diversity-inclusion/
LBJ School of Public Affairs Victoria DeFrancesco Soto https://lbj.utexas.edu/diversity-equity-inclusion
McCombs School of Business Raji Srinivasan mccombs.utexas.edu/diversity-and-inclusion
Moody College of Communication Ya’Ke Smith moody.utexas.edu/diversity
School of Architecture Charlton Lewis soa.utexas.edu/about/diversity
School of Information Edgar Gómez-Cruz ischool.utexas.edu/about/diversity-and-inclusion
School of Law Shavonne Henderson https://law.utexas.edu/diversity-and-inclusion/
School of Nursing Tanya Coakley nursing.utexas.edu/about/diversity-and-inclusion
Steve Hicks School of Social Work Esther Calzada socialwork.utexas.edu/about-us/equity-and-inclusion/
School of Undergraduate Studies Phaedra Abbott ugs.utexas.edu/about/diversity