Diversity & Community

Joining a community provides an opportunity for meaningful relating and interaction with fellow faculty and staff members, and opens up dialogue with students around topics addressing diversity, inclusion, and equity. How this translates to new understandings and potential for change in the university-wide community is a responsibility we all share.


Faculty and staff association/organization membership is a great way to engage with your fellow community members. Networking and advocating together for professional development and equity are just some of the potential benefits from this level of involvment.

Asian/Asian American Faculty & Staff Association

The mission of the AAAFSA at The University of Texas at Austin is to support, celebrate, and empower Asian and Asian American faculty and staff by fostering a community that provides opportunities for networking, communication, and growth - both personal and professional.

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Black Faculty & Staff Association

The BFSA is dedicated to visible commitment and inclusion of Black faculty, staff and students at The University of Texas at Austin. Our mission is to advocate progress through the promotion of professional development, mentoring, networking, wellness, scholarships and cultural programs that emphasize the legacy and traditions of the African-American community.

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Hispanic Faculty/Staff Association

The HFSA is a campus-wide organization that provides opportunities for social and cultural interaction among Hispanic/Latino/a, as well as other interested professionals at The University of Texas at Austin. We encourage communication and support networking, serve as a voice for cultural and education issues, and promote employment and career opportunities.

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Pride and Equity Faculty Staff Association

The PEFSA advances the educational mission of The University of Texas at Austin by cultivating a safe and inclusive environment that values, celebrates and affirms the sexual and gender diversity of UT Austin's faculty and staff members. We strive to increase visibility and to encourage meaningful involvement of LGBTQ+ and allied faculty and staff within the campus community as well as to advocate workplace equity and to promote educational growth in a climate of mutual respect.

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UT Faculty Women's Organization

The UT FWO is a community of women scholars that gives a space to interact and network with other women faculty and professional staff on campus through panels, talks and social events. The purpose of the organization is to provide support for women and families in the campus community, to sponsor programs concerned with the professional development of women faculty, and to disseminate information about University practice and policies vital to our interests.

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