Departmental Diversity Comparison – Race/Ethnicity

Diversity comparison between departments fall 2011 – fall 2020

The following dashboard provides race and ethnicity data across the university’s departments from 2011–2020. Please see details below for race and ethnicity data criteria.

*This dashboard was created by the Provost’s Office.

**Data for this visualization are from the university’s fall semester reporting snapshots.

Race & Ethnicity data criteria

Starting in 2010-2011, universities were required to collect race/ethnicity data using a two-part question format:

  1. Whether the respondent is Hispanic/Latinx
  2. Whether the respondent is from one or more races using five racial groups

The following categories are used in this dashboard:

  • Hispanic/Latinx: people who selected Hispanic/Latinx in the first question;
  • White alone Non Hispanic/Latinx: people who did not select Hispanic/Latinx in the first question but selected White;
  • White: people who selected White;
  • Asian: people who selected Asian;
  • Black or African American: people who selected Black or African American;
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: people who selected Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander;
  • 2 or more Races: people who selected more than two races in the second question;
  • Unknown or Blank: people who did not select any options