College, School and Unit (CSU) Diversity Comparison – Race/Ethnicity

Diversity comparison between CSU fall 2011 – fall 2020

The following dashboard provides race and ethnicity data across the university’s CSUs from 2011–2020. Visiting, adjoint, emeritus, and retired faculty are not included in these data. Please see details below for race and ethnicity data criteria.

*This dashboard was created by the Provost’s Office.

**Data for this visualization are from the university’s fall semester reporting snapshots.

Race & Ethnicity data criteria

Starting in 2010-2011, universities were required to collect race/ethnicity data using a two-part question format:

  1. Whether the respondent is Hispanic/Latinx
  2. Whether the respondent is from one or more races using five racial groups

The following categories are used in this dashboard:

  • Hispanic/Latinx: people who selected Hispanic/Latinx in the first question;
  • White alone Non Hispanic/Latinx: people who did not select Hispanic/Latinx in the first question but selected White;
  • White: people who selected White;
  • Asian: people who selected Asian;
  • Black or African American: people who selected Black or African American;
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: people who selected Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander;
  • 2 or more Races: people who selected more than two races in the second question;
  • Unknown or Blank: people who did not select any options